2009 Rookies With Regional Wins??

What rookie teams this year won a regional?

My team won troy. 3119!

2826 won 10,000 Lakes

2753, 2826, 2970, 2996, 3095, 3098, and 3119 all won a regional or district.

2753 dominated NJ

Just want to add that 2826 not only won the 10,000 Lakes Regional, they were also the alliance captain of the first seed, which is extremely impressive.

There was once a time (not that long ago) when almost all rookie teams were cannon fodder for the vets. That is no longer the case.

Between the number of FIRST alumni who go onto start or mentor new teams, the way the KoP and tailor made COTS components have improved over the years (thanks AndyMark!), and the increasing quantity and quality of team-produced rookie mentoring material, you simply can no longer judge a robot by its number.

Until you get to Einstein in Atlanta.

(heh, I’m prepared to eat my words later…:rolleyes: …if I have to…but it’s highly improbable ;))

We were also first seed and alliance captain in NJ, also first pick by number one seed in NYC.

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And 1902 made it to Einstein in their second year. Almost did it their rookie year, but some blown drive components foiled that plan.

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Im rooting for the rookies, it is always good to see a team excel their first year out. Just as long as they sustain the momentum.

If ever there was a year that a rookie team could win on Einstien then this would be the year ***Cough *** Overdrive *** Cough ***

Already happened twice. Once was in 1992. Once was when Woodside HS (now team 100) won in a 1v1v1 year, I want to say 1995 or so, but am not sure.

Both were before the alliance era…

Although I beleive in 1992 everyone was a rookie and doesn’t count as much as other years.

There was no Einstein field (or divisions) in 92 or 95 so Daniel is technically correct (The best kind of correct :smiley: according to Futurama)

EDIT: The interesting thing about Overdrive is that they already have Championship Elimination experience (albeit on Di Vinci not Einstein)

I found 2826 more capable of doing so.

Actually, for me, success is only measured in sustained excellence such as how 1902 and past great rookies have done.

Ha, thanks,

I do think this has been a strong year for rookie teams. We are working hard to be the best team we can be, while trying to fit into this new FIRST atmosphere and helping with other project like our MIT Inventeam. Many other rookie teams have shown great strength so hopefully we will see the first rookie win since 95 (or whatever it is).

Its going to be great no matter what happens. :smiley:

Technically correct, but when you consider “winning on Einstein” as equivalent to “winning the event”, technicality becomes trivial…

And yes, 1992 doesn’t really count. You could pick any rookie there and you’d get a rookie winner–because they were all rookies.

What I’ve always thought about some rookie teams is, well, they really aren’t rookie teams at all. As mentioned earlier, some of them have mentors with FRC experience, maybe even being on past teams, or team members have decided to start their own team. So the experience is there, but just under a larger, new number.

Take a look at our team. We don’t have a single mentor. The two teachers we have are more of supervisors…they open the door and do their grading while we build a robot. None of us have prior FRC experience( or anything FIRST related, for that matter). We didn’t have a machine shop to use, or complex power tools. For power tools we had a jigsaw and a power drill, that’s it. No welders, lathes, drill presses, table saws, chop saws, or other helpful power tools. We had to spend as little as possible on non-KoP parts, because we didn’t have any sponsors willing to sponsor those charges. We spent $750 total on non-KoP parts/supplies/metal. We had 5 dedicated students working on the robot. I was the only member who had mechanical experience and experience in building things, including electrical and programming. We had 13 days to design and build it.

Now, you can take a look at other rookie teams, some of which have at least one dedicated mentor, at least 1 dedicated sponsor for extra parts/supplies, a machine shop in their school, and members with previous FRC experience.

I’m not saying that ALL rookie teams are that way, but I have seen several that are.

Just thoughts that needed to exit my mind.