2009 SAC Regional

So is anyone stoked that SAC has 45 teams in it about 8 more than last year?

Yes, hope to see you there. Also I hope to see 997 and team 675, our last years alliance again. We will be returning to UC Davis. Also 100 and 1717 are joining the Davis Comp this year.

Yeah we’re pumped for Davis alright!

Last I checked 997 has not registered. They will be missed :frowning:

On a more positive note, our neighbors the MA Bears (766) managed to make it in! Awesome!

I look forward to seeing you all there and all our old alums :smiley:

Dang i’ll miss 997, awesome tank tread drive that pwns. :ahh: Nice to see 100 come back to Davis after skipping the 08 season. See you there.

awwww no 997?

1458 will be there, we were the 45th team on the list :smiley:

Looking forward to seeing 100 back!

I’m certainly happy about the increased capacity, we originally heard it was going to be 42 teams, and our hopes sank when the list hit 42 teams and we weren’t one of them, but fortunately we were able to squeeze our way in to defend our title with 2122 and 1662.

I am certainly looking forward to coming back, with 100 and 1717 coming in, this is going to be tough!

Was I the only one really suprised at how fast it filled this year?

295 will be there as always

Yeah 675 is going to be there, and man im always looking forward to seeing all the teams, especially 1323 though dang we had a blast as your alliance partners

Good luck guys

Alright! Our team is definitely looking forward (no pun intended) to this regional. I remember that a few members of 100 came by last year just to say hello. It’ll be great to have you guys back competing! I’m somewhat surprised at the number of teams already registered for Davis. May the scouts prevail. I’m excited that so many teams are returning. I hope to see everyone there!

No way when we signed up we were one of the first to register for it, there were already a large amount I think this regional is getting more and more established

692 will also be there as always!

And we are also happy to see more teams coming! We were also surprised that it filled up so quickly, though we are glad it did. Can’t wait to see everyone there!

604 will be first time attendees!!

1678 will be there…assuming we can make the grueling trip:D

Oh yeah, the 5 minute trip (on bike) from Davis High to the Pavilion is pretty rough :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW, we do miss our friends from FEMBOTS and we wished we could’ve partnered up with you guys.

Have a great build Season!

I am curios how many people are there, that go to the davis regional, that are also planning on attending uc davis in the fall for school?

I think by the regional, most of us will know, I know Davis is one of my top schools, no acceptance yet though.

We miss you too! It was always fun to talk to you guys. And thanks, hope you all have a great build season too! Can’t wait til competition!

We unfortunately won’t be making the trip this year unless we find some cash here quick! :slight_smile:

We will miss competing with everyone down there and I’ll personally miss that venue, it’s such a nice campus!

See you all in 2010 hopefully! :smiley: