2009 Software copies?

I’m representing Team Rocket, #3018, St. Peter, Minnesota. Our team has changed coaches, and while we have the boxes of hardware and documentation from last year, the DVD’s containing the software are missing. We would really like to practice with programming.
Would anyone be willing to create some ISO images, or even email a copy of the DVDs to us?


Sharing registered software is not good.

I suggest that you decide which software packages you are in need of and contact the company, explain your position. The software should have been registered to your team and is possibly available for replacement (disks) under that license.

We don’t really know anything about what’s on them, other than we need the software to start programming. We’d like the software necessary to give Labview and C++ a try. What companies/who should we contact? Would FIRST be a good place to try?

Thanks much!

Send me an PM or email.


At this point, you would do best to download a 30-day trial of Labview here: http://www.ni.com/trylabview/

Then go to the NI FIRST Community and work through the tutorials here: http://decibel.ni.com/content/docs/DOC-2511

LVMastery.com also has a great set of tutorials here http://www.lvmastery.com/tipjar thanks to Ben Zimmer

That should keep you busy until kickoff!

We’ve done some of that including playing some with the trial of Labview, but we’d like to begin actually programming the robot. As far as I can tell, we need the software that comes with the kit to be able to write programs for the cRio. And we’d also like to try C++.

Labview is with National Instruments, I can’t remember what the C++ was, (maybe windriver, someone correct me if I’m wrong cause we used Labview lastyear)

FIRST would possibly work to, or maybe know of a contact to place you with.

Here is a link to the FIRST community on the National Instruments website.

But this could be a stupid question, but have you asked that previous coach or asked around with the other students/mentors or previous students who might have them. Try sending an email or something, as this would be the first place i would start. But if you have already done this i guess you can try what i have mentioned or if anybody has any other better info.

Since I’ve seen a lot of these threads recently I highly recommend to every team to put their software in a safe place after installing it so your don’t lose it. This year’s software is coming in bigger packaging than last years; I hope that alone will help prevent this from happening.