2009 Trans-Am?


Holy-junk batman! This is only a representation - but man…wow. I’m speachless.

I may say screw the Charger and get one of these…:smiley: :drool:

Hmm, I wonder who they’ll get to replace Burt and Sally in the inevitable remake of “Smokey and the Bandit”? :stuck_out_tongue:

I may have to sell my G6 for one of those!!

2008 X-mas list:
Playstation 4

Trans-Am :slight_smile:

I love these new designs. I’m going for a fleet of cars - Solstice, Charger, Fusion, and now the Trans-Am.

Now if only someone would reintroduce the Delorian…

you woulndt happen to have a desktop worthy hi res version of that would you?

Since they’re bringing the Camaro back GM would be wise to consider the T/A also. It wouldn’t be that much more difficult since they already have the platform. Right now GM could use cars like this.

I’m still upset that they had cancelled the Camaro, Firebird and their full size rear wheel drive vehicles, Caprice, Roadmaster, and Fleetwood. I know thier sales had been lagging but they handed Ford a lot of thier business. Some of the people considering these cars wound up buying the Mustang and Crown Vic and Marquis. Crown Vic also got most of the police and taxi business. It would be nice to see GM get some of thier share back.

I got the website off the IMG tag and emailed Kevin Morgan, the concept’s creator. His reply:

“Thanks!! here is the image as big as i have it. Spread the word about this!! (and watch for the july issues of HotRod & High Performance Pontiac!!! its going to be in them!!! along with some more concepts i designed.)”


The images he sent me were around 250 KB each. Not enough to fill up a monitor but bigger than the original.

I agree, they need to bring back the Delorean, then make it into a time machine, then stop George W Bush from being elected (not that he won fairly :mad: )

Seriously though, the Deloreans were cool :cool:

I still like my 79 trans am but f i went modern with my car thats where i’d go that looks pretty cool, i hope it performs well tho and isnt a crapper for performance.

DeLoreans are awesome! I’ve seen one on the road, but the guy had painted it red rather then leave it in its original stainless steel color. You can buy one for about 30,000 and have the engine tuned so it can actually reach 88 mph… (The original speedometer only went up to 80)

That concept pic looks cool… Did he you a picture of the Camero concept as a base for it? It just looks like it from the outline and the headlights…

My favorite concept car so far is the Dodge Challenger. This thing looks MEAN. The T/A looks pretty Schweeeeet as well. Who’s seen the Charger coupe? They made a few to replicate the 'ol “General Lee” it looks neato too.

07 Challenger RT.bmp.jpg

07 Challenger RT.bmp.jpg

A RED Delorean?! Thats just wrong! How dare anyone defile the sacred Delorean! :eek:

I like the general idea, but I personally think the front is a little too blunt, and not smoothe neough for the origional style to be replicated…