2009 Troy District Event

I haven’t seen a thread for this event…so who’s going?! Who’s excited?!

Team 857 is going and super excited, it looks to be a good competition. We’re ready to show what we can do…

This is definitely going to be a crazy and tough competition, and we’re going to have some of the hardest matches so far here. So, of course, I can’t wait. :cool:

im ready for some nail biting excitment

Lets see;
Last chance for most of the teams to earn spot at states
A chance to prove yourself to the most likely #1 ranked team going into states.
This is going to be good!!!

I’m definitely looking forward to it, even though my team isn’t going to be there and there’s the slightest chance that I won’t be there. There’s a pretty good lineup of teams, so I’m looking forward to seeing some pretty intense matches :cool:

this is going to sound a little gloaty but it feels good to be on ppls top list. thank you

man thats weird…

we are going and hell yes we are going to bring the THUNDER!!!:cool:

I’ve been waiting for this event from week one! There are so many amazing teams attending, and every match will be some of the best ones played so far. Even though my team isn’t going, I will still be there!

Luckily since I live to close, I will be able to head up after school on Friday (along with Saturday) to catch the rest of the days matches :slight_smile:

All I can say is that this is going to be one crazy event. There are so many great robots coming to this district, and I can downright say that there will be no “super-alliance” like some other districts. There goes our dream of 12 - 0 in qualifiers. :frowning:

now that we are running on all cylinders, its time to break 67’s undefeated streak! lol…

While im at it thanks to 67 Hot for getting our program loaded and running, couldn’t have competed last week without it!!!

I am excited for Troy, lots of great teams, looks like it’s going to be a crazy event.
See you all there :smiley:

The Troy District Event will be webcast by Code Red Robotics

Available at


Any questions please let me know :slight_smile:


You guys are the one of the greatest things to happen to Michigan/FIRST. We sat next to you in the stands at Traverse City and I was dumb struck when you won a rookie award. I didn’t think you were rookies at all! Thanks for everything you have done this year. I know the parents of the kids on our team appreciate the chance to see their kids compete.

I hope you are all prepared to be THUNDERSTRUCK!!!

With the caliber of teams here, this one is gonna be fun
Good Luck to all and cya tomorrow

I’m super excited about Troy. It should be an amazing team with amazing matches, and hopefully amazing people!

Thanks Eric. Our students have set some pretty high goals, and one of them is to have absolute blast at the competitions.

We had a great time at Traverse City and liked being next to the Yeti’s. We enjoyed your mascot, your chants and your cool students. Your team made a big statement at TC. I hope we get to see 857 in more competitions next year.

I know it’s not easy for you to come all the way down from the U.P. to be part of the action. I think Traverse City will be a must for us next near, so maybe we’ll see you there in 2010. Please cheer for us at West Michigan - there will be some great teams there.

Let me be the first to congratulate 67, 217, and 3119 on a spectacular job at Troy. Way to go guys.

To 3119 especially. Nice job. Your faith is rewarded with a victory. Congratulations! I hope you guys took notes, becuase you just got to work with a couple of teams that could win the championship!

Don’t forget 3095, who was selected by the alliance and played in one round before they elected to call in the backup bot.

Yep, I just found that out after my post. I was not at Troy so I just got the whole story.

Congratulations also to 3095.

Big congrats to 67, 217, 3095 and especially 3119. We’ve been watching you guys closely during the season and are overjoyed that you managed to win a district event. And I hope you all realize that you did not ride on the coattailes of 67 and 217. There were several matches that would have been loses without your incredible defense. In fact I’m willing to put out there that you guys have the best defense in Michigan, at least.

Big thanks to 94 for selecting us and 308 for joining us as well. It was a pleasure working with you and we had a good run. A few things different here and there might have led us even farther, but no one can say we didn’t put our best foot forward.

Thank you to the Judges for another Xerox Creativity Award! We really appreciate the design awards such as Xerox and are as proud of them as we would be of a district win. Congratulations to everyone else who won awards, especially 217 on the well deserved Chairman’s award and and 3119 on the Rookie Inspiration award. You guys are both fantastic teams and deserve the awards.
We’ll see everyone at states, and good luck.