2009 VEX World Championship

Who’s already planning to go? Where are you guys staying? :smiley:

2587 - DiscoBots are planning on going, they qualified at the Houston VEX regional. Not sure on hotel yet.

We just laid down the money and are going (team 438 from Modesto). We heard rumors that there will be a good deal on the Hyatt Regency thru Vex; will check that out. Otherwise, the West End Hotel looks reasonably close to the Convention Center.

We qualified two teams (921a and 921b) at the Western PA Regional. Are current plans are to stay at the Springhill Suites.

As of now we have 2 teams planning on attending, with 2 more hoping to qualify at local tournaments over the next few weeks. As of now, I do not know where we are staying (our sponsor is arranging this.)

Can’t wait!

Our Middle School team is attending (Team 84). They won the Excellence award in Los Angeles to qualify.

1727a and 1727b qualified, we will be sending a four man team with 1727a’s robot to the championship. We would bring a lot more people, but the trip from Maryland is a bit far. No Idea on hotels yet, unless our club supervisor has looked at some.

We just changed our reservations to the West End Hotel. There is a link on the robotevents.com website. The rooms are $89/night.

1346a,b and d have all qualified… 1346b has done it twice.

We’re still putting the funding in place, but hope to have two or three teams represented in Dallas.


So far, one of our four* VRC teams has qualified and is definitely going. We’ll find out this weekend whether or not the others will make it. Fortunately, only one of Jason’s teams is attending the Washington VRC event so our students have at least some chance! Now, if only we could keep the other Canadians out of the country. :slight_smile:

  • We actually have a fifth team now, but since this Saturday is their first tournament they have not yet had a chance to qualify. It will be fun – 420 is by far the fastest Vex robot I’ve ever seen. I hope they can learn how to drive it in three days.

829a and 829t have both qualifies and will be in Dallas.

Team 2438 will be in Dallas with 2 Teams, we qualified at the Pan Pacific
and we will be staying at the Hyatt Regency Dallas

We’re (VRC 294) trying to drum up the support needed to go. We qualified at both our regionals winning the competition at the first and winning the Excellence award at the second. You can check out our bot here:


We’ve been strained for time this year as we’re doing FTC, VRC and FRC! :cool:

Team 478 Mustang Robotics is going to Dallas. We won Drivers challenge In the Southern Ontario Championship.

We will be staying at the West End Hotel.

Update – We are taking all five of our VRC robots to Dallas.

417 won the Programming Challenge at Washington.
418 won the Robot Skills Challenge and was a Tournament Winner at Washington.
419 was a Tournament Winner at Washington.
575 won the Excellence Award and Programming Challenge at Vancouver Gladstone. (Their primary drive team took the Washington Tournament off to give someone else a chance to drive.)

Only 420, which only competed in one event, has not yet qualified. They’re planning to come to Dallas anyway, as they are likely to be invited through the waiting list.

All 41+ of us are staying at the West End Hotel.

Team 1622’s Vex team would like to go, but literally up until today we thought we wouldn’t even qualify, or have the cash. We qualified the weekend of the 21st when we received the Excellence award at Hilltop High School’s Vex Competition.

I actually have no idea when the deadline to sign up is though so O.o

254 is going, we’ll be staying at the Market Center Embassy Suites.

1086’s VEX team shall be there also, along with our FRC Pit Crew and robots! Hope to see you all there!:smiley:

In the unlikely event any of you care… we are now staying at the Hyatt Regency. I think we have 16 rooms. I predict a lot of late-night computer game playing. :]

We are staying at the Hyatt; shortly after making our reservation, I heard a rumor that the robotics rooms there are all booked now. But I’d check it out anyway if that’s where you really want to be.