2009 Washington D.C. Regional

Who plans on going? I think it will have the potential to grow into one of the coolest regionals in FIRST. I’m hoping we go either next year or my senior year.

Team 612 will be there more than likely. When and where will information be available about this regional event?

Meh. I think this regional was strategically placed with the busy congressman in mind so they couldn’t use the excuse “we were in Washington” or “we were busy”. This is another way of turning in LATE homework that Dean collected a few years back (2007).

I think we’d go! That would be a great opportunity for a second regional, and it’s so close! :smiley:

I’m sort of excited about it too! We’re going to have all new drivers next year, and most of the people to carry on the team will come next year, and as a Mentor-to-be I’m concerned about their experience… I really want them to get as much experience as possible, so If I ever have to leave, indefinitely, I’ll be more sure of the team’s new student leadership.

It’ll definitely attract interest of the nation’s legislative body. I think it was an amazing idea! :]

More likely it was strategically placed in one of the densest regions of FIRST teams in the country. There are 58 teams in Virginia, 27 in Maryland, and 6 in DC (going to grow). Both the Chesapeake and VCU events are in at least the upper 50s (usually 60s) every year. They don’t have much room for new teams, so logically another venue had to be opened to attempt to take some of the capacity.
I’m willing to bet a majority of the Fairfax county teams (116, 611, 612, 614, 617, 623, 2186) will be there next year.

Hopefully we go to Chesapeake as defending champions next year and can also attend this regional. It would be cool.

hehe 694th post- Stuypulse post :slight_smile:

Did they announce the venue yet? I was wondering where they are going to hold it…Right downtown? I think gong to a regional in DC would be great. No better way to promote first to our nation than starting where everything happens.

Depending on which week it falls, it will definitely be on our short list. Close to home, great teams, lots of local attractions, opportunities to attract politicians. Sounds like a winner all around.

I’ll be volunteering seeing as how I’ll be attending GWU next year. Haha I got lucky!

Depending on when and where it is, I might volunteer.

I know that my team would definetly go next year. Since we are so close, we would practically be charging nothing for members to go, opening up the opportunity to go to nationals.Usually our team doesnt go because no one wants to spend the money.

hopefully it’ll be within walking distance of a hotel, then we might consider going – having to charter a bus to get us on and off of the annapolis base every day was just too much money.

If it is at the Verizon Center or the Armory, then it will be walking distance from the metro

I don’t know about my team… but I’ll be attending the University of Maryland so you can expect to see myself and other volunteers around enjoying the event!

There’s a chance 587 might be there, since it would be closest after VCU adn Palmetto. It would depend on the schedule.

count 614 in =) this and annapolis will make for a great 2009 robotics competition season.

There is absolutely no excuse for a Terp (yours truly) to not volunteer! I’m sure there will be lots of competition here to volunteer, especially if it somehow ends up on campus.

Team 1111 should attend seeing how we’re just down the road in Annapolis. It will probably depend on how fundraising goes. We always have a blast at Chesapeake, but I’d like to see us compete in a second Regional.

I heard 4th or 5th hand that it will be at the convention center. I still think that the Armory makes more sense…

DC Convention Center, week 1 (Feb 26-28, 2009). There were several reasons why the other sites under consideration (including the Armory) could not work. For example, the venue schedule was such that if the event was to be held at the Armory, it would have had to have been on Week 4. That would have put the VCU/Richmond Regional, the DC Regional, and the Chesapeake Regional all on the same weekend. That was a non-starter for all of us. Conversely, the DC Convention Center had a workable schedule, is centrally located, has easy access (via street traffic and Metro), local to lots of hotels, is cost-compatible, and it is a beautiful facility.