2009 Washington DC Regional

Team 836, the Robobees of Leonardtown, MD are excited that we will be able to compete at the inaugural Washington, DC Regional! It will be fun to “break-in” a new regional!

Here is the basic info, as posted by FIRST:

Washington DC Regional Information

I’m not sure if the committee who is overseeing this regional has a website yet – if there is one, please post a link to that site. In the meantime, if you are coming from outside the DC area, please do not hesitate to contact me, or any DC team, with questions or concerns about getting around the DC area.

If you do spend an extra day in the area, you should check out the newly renovated Smithsonian American History museum! There is a great display on the history of computing/computers!

Welcome to DC!

dont expect to find too much food for lunch withing walking distance of the convention center. there is a subway and a small deli outside of the convention center. My suggestion is that you have a parent on your team make a pizza run to a pizzeria and eat outside of the convention center. Or if you are a really fast walker you could go towards the center of town to find a good place to eat. Other wise i think that this is going to be a great regional.

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