2009 Waterloo Regional: feedback for planning committee

On behalf of the Planning Committee for the 2009 Waterloo Regional, I’d like to invite constructive feedback on the event so we can make 2010 even better. There’s a lot of warm fuzziness running through the 2009 Waterloo Regional thread, but I’m particularly interested in what specifically went really well and what might be improved for next year. Aside from the bleachers, that is, which everyone continues to hate, but which we can do nothing about…

Post away!


My team was initially not going to attend the Waterloo regional earlier this year due to the dates being on march break. But after a few students got together we convinced our lead teacher to take us, and I’m so glad he did. It was a great way to spend the last few days of March break. The only issue or concern i had from the entire event was the size and or location of the queuing area. The 6 “blocks” that teams lined up in before their match felt to be right in the middle of the main entrance to the pits and it was very congested at times. I know space is limited but if there is anyway to re arrange that particular area, i believe it would allow it to flow a bit better. Other than that fantastic job with the Regional. I know we had A LOT of fun. Thanks!

We like the smaller, intimate feel of Waterloo. We enjoy the announcing, volunteers and logistics of the University.

Area for improvement: Having this event on a weekend that is not Easter (2008) or March break would be nice!

I really enjoy the smaller regional, but i agree that the entrance to the pits was very congested. Of course, the bleachers aren’t the best, but that is out of our control. As for the weekend it is on, it is difficult to attend during March Break, but moving it to week 3 would still leave it on March break, at least in our school board that is. I think that the teams that really enjoy will have to find ways to make it there the week it is on, because moving it ahead a week is not an option either, due to GTR.

Music could have been louder? or have I really just lost that much of my hearing in the last year? BTW I think is was 781 that had the most visible cheering section visible in the stands.,

This was my first time at waterloo and I can’t think of anything that I didn’t like to be honest, at least not from a ground camera perspective, everything ran so efficiently, no field problems, the audio quality on the media pool feed was just phenomenal.


I liked the powerful music, but I think the music, especially the bass, was a little to powerful, making it hard to make out some of the words. However, it was great for the music. Thanks for the compliment on the cheering section. We had a dedicated spirit grop this year that put alot of effort into being seen.

You sure got noticed and probably will again at GTR by the media cameras :slight_smile:

I suppose one thing I liked at GTR back in Aim High was the dancing on the field that the did during a break in the action a couple of times, that made good visuals and sound and I remember that well, it was my first time to a first event and I walked in and thats the first thing I saw and I was stunned because I normally only hear the chicken dance at Oktoberfest but the entertainment was really good. I didn’t see that at Waterloo but then again I wasn’t there for the whole event. Don’t this this year’s field material could be danced on anyways.

Everything went so fast.

From a camera perspective the white field, bright lights vs the low light in the stands was about an 8 F-stop difference so if I looked like I was in full panic mode…I was :slight_smile:


Rob, Canadian teams love the Waterloo Regional, the timing of it during the march break has killed attendance over the last two years. I think if you are able to change it to a third week regional be prepared for 40 teams wanting to attend… Everyone knows how great of an event it is, and I would love to bring back the spirt of most of the top Canadian teams competing in a smaller event.

I look back to Waterloo 2006 and 2007 as my two favorite regional competitions, because not only was it super competitive, but the stands were jam packed with people and the atmosphere was awesome. Its tough to say but the last two years just haven’t been the same, sure the crowd got rocking on Saturday afternoon, but for the rest of the days it was fairly subdued even with all the energy Karthik and Paul put into their announcing.

I can say with good certainty that 2809 would make the trip down to Waterloo if it was a 3rd week event next year, as long as logistics and financing allow for it.

I got the unique opportunity this weekend to get a glimpse into the inner workings of the organizing of the Waterloo Regional, and I must say we have a strong team running this Regional. I would love to see the Regional strengthen for next year, and I think moving the week of the regional would solve most, if not all, of the problems the regional is facing.

So in other school boards, is week 3 part of March Break?

I believe for some it is, for many private schools they get 2 week march breaks.

for us, i don’t know about other schools, week 3 is still part of our 1 wk break

week 3 is the first weekend of our march break in peterborough! But saying that we are the only school from our entire school board that participates in FIRST it really doesn’t affect any other teams in our area.

Oh those bleachers. I wish we could put some nets on’m or something. Random stuff would fall down whenever we start moving around.

I do hope that the video camera that feeds to the screen display would face the other bleachers some time as well. From what I remembered, the camera man at the top could only film one side of the gymnasium and we never got to see ourselves on screen. ):

It was also hard to hear announcements at times. Another member of 781 and myself were talking to some members of 1141 about their Safety Kit Raffle. They had said that their announcement about the raffle was not very loud where their pit area was (which is second row next to the walls).

From the photos I’ve seen from other tournaments, the stands are usually full. It would be nice to see more people in the bleachers… and then maybe we can educate them about the “wave”…! (:

Anyways, Waterloo, my first FRC tourney, was very impressive!! Personally, I preferred that this tournament was held on March Break because most of our members were here (we were missing only 2 members!).

There should be an option in the poll for just as likely to come. I know that Team 781 will most likely return regardless of the week the tournament is in.

Good music? I’m sorry but no way. Its steadily gotten worse since 2007. What happened to Sandstorm and Streamline, or Ready Stead Go. Come on were o bunch of robotics nerd we got to have some electronic sound to our music. Ill like to hear some dota, or mario and megaman music over the alternative rock that we hear everyday of our lives, from the radio to a retail store.

Actually, we’ve had the same DJ at every Canadian event since 2002. Each year at both events, we’re overwhelmed by positive comments from teams and spectators who are praising the DJ. He’s consistently found the right mix of music that pleases the almost the entire diverse audience you find at a FIRST event. Not only that, he has the uncanny ability to capture the mood of the event and play music that suits the moment. Unlike many DJs who load a playlist and just let it run, Nick is constantly searching for songs that add to the energy and excitement of the event. Part of his success as a DJ comes from his past experience as the DJ for the Toronto Blue Jays and the Toronto Maple Leafs. (Nice resume, eh?)