200IQ PLAYS in frc


this thread is to share those moments when something happens on the field and your just shocked how smooth it goes down whether it was planned or not.
I will start with one of my favorite moments as driver: in 2014 district champs,
the pass over a defender taken to the goal.
https://youtu.be/3YIEqRktY1A the play starts at 30 seconds left on the game clock but feel free to watch the match.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dF46FNivHmM we didn’t win but it was still 200 iq.
Or another one was basically all the matches on 2017 dte energy foundation with our alliance winning by bullying the other robots.



At the 2018 MN State Championship (offseason event), we (3630) were partnered with 2169. When we coordinated auto, we said that each of us would handle the side of the scale that was closest to us and just cross the line if it was the other side. 2169 didn’t turn off their cross-over auto and this happened: https://youtu.be/zxtogPOa3ZQ?t=59


This defence by 1241 was ridiculous. 1241 knew that the other alliance hadn’t completed the fourth rotor, so followed the opponent all the way back to their airship at the end of the match to prevent that rotor from being completed, knowing that missing the climb and potentially giving the other alliance a free climb was totally worth it. They managed to prevent the gear from being scored and stop the opposing robot from climbing without touching the rope themselves (which would’ve resulted in a free climb). Amazing match awareness and driving by 1241.



This is the most hype moment I’ve ever seen in FRC, change my mind.


Wow that’s absolutely genius and an awesome start!




My friend, you need to watch IRI 2018 Finals 3. The fact that it was the deciding match of the competition and that it was the underdog 7th seed vs. the powerhouse 1st seed added to the hype.


My personal favorite. Phone isnt letting me start at a timestamp, so go to 1:45


I came to post this one. Really great move.


2006 IRI Semifinal 1 match 3. 71 scales the ramp next to a toppled 25 and erases a huge deficit in a matter of seconds by overflowing the goal. 1114 answers as best they can, but falls just short. Match ends 137-133.

The most hype moment in FRC history, right there.

That being said, there’s also a 200IQ play in that match, when 25 sets the pick on 71 so 1114 can get by to start their offensive period.


Unfortunately the video of this match isn’t up anymore, so you just have to take my word for it.

2013 Boston Regional Semifinals 1-2. 229 is keeping up almost disc for disc with 125 and 126, despite a dead partner for most of the match. To have a shot at winning, everyone needs to climb. The defense robot, 3780, gets back early, lines up for a climb… and doesn’t quite have the air to lift off the ground. 229 sees this, gets a 20 foot head start, and rams the side of 3780 to slide them down the pyramid rung. Then 229 does their passive climb while rubbing bumpers against 3780. The bumper friction, or maybe just the jostling in general, gives 3780 juuust enough lift to get off the ground. Unfortunately, the other robot on the alliance did not make it up and they lost the match, but it’s still one of the gutsiest improvised plays I’ve seen in FRC.


They were having troubles and doing this was a way for them to contribute. I always find the teams with a struggling robot come with some really good strategies.


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Personally i think the time I put something on the robot in the wrong orientation 3 times was around a 1000 iq play.


DANG that’s clever


if were including hype moments, in this discussion, I got two good ones, that I personally went through as driver the first was our final Quals match at 2014 district champs where we were fighting for a top 5 picking spot with 20 seconds left we had a 10 point lead with a two assist ball on both sides, we had to prevent them from scoring so i just kept the joysticks pushed full forward onto the robot for the final 20 seconds to prevent the goal. (looking at the score at the time if they had scored we would have lost but afterwards penalties would have us win either way.)

The second is from the same event this one in my eyes was even more hype for me, Quarters final match 3 both alliances have one win and it all comes down to this, i heard the announcer say its a one point game then I see 1519 shoot a truss with like10 on the clock and I really thought we had lost this match, completely forgetting that i had just scored a truss shortly before . This would have been my final match played, as a student so the hype was real afterwards.


“There’s a tube on the ramp!”

Most exciting match I’ve ever seen in person in FRC. The call is up there with 2006 Einstein Finals 2 and the fall and recoveries by 330 in 2016 Einstein Semis as the best ever.