2010 Axis Camera Dashboard Problems

We are a rookie team this year so this is all very new to us. When trying to set up the camera for our robot, we ran into various problems. After some work we managed to do what the documentation said to do to the camera. We then ran the account set up on the camera that was included in the software. After plugging it in to port two, we still could not pull it up on the dashboard. Is their anything on the code I need to change as well? Or is it something to do with the set up of the camera?

As far as I know, no one has gotten it working (With the exception of one reported java success).

You might want to take a look in my thread with almost the same name where we are discussing this: http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?t=79935

I did finally get it working today. The biggest issue I had is that the DSupdate did not update the dashboard. I only noticed because I installed the update on a second laptop and it looked different. I went back and checked the file date and it was not the same on the classmate. I had to run the DSupdate program, but tell it to uninstall, then run it again and install. Now it works.

THere were also a couple of problems with the C++ examples:

CameraToDashboardExample and SimpleTracker needed:

  • right-click on the project and select Properties
  • select the “Build Paths” tab
  • click “Add”
  • enter: -I$(WIND_BASE)/target/h/WPILib/Vision2009

CameraToDashBoardExample needed:

  • open “cameraToDashboardExample.cpp”
  • add: #include “WPILib.h”

Good luck!

  • Kevin

That’s very interesting I will have to check that. Any idea if that problem might also apply to LabView?

EDIT: After looking at what you said, we actually do have the current version of the driver’s station installed.

Are we supposed to code the Dashboard so that it can grab the camera feed, or does it do that itself?

Also has anyone gotten the camera working in LabView?(so that you can view the camera feed in LabView). We are having problems with this, so any help or link to any documentation on this would be very helpful.

Software updates are listed on theFIRST website, leading you to the mandatory updateof the driver station software. This is either a new install on a new development laptop, or an upgrade to an existing laptop or the classmate.

HOWEVER, the update will break the camera display on the dashboard (assuming it was ever working). So, when you get to the install screen that lists the software, click on the dashboard option and choose to NOT install it on the computer. This will cause the “install” to uninstall the software. Then rerun the install again.

If you did it right, the dashboard should show the camera images automagically.

I am missing the dashboard when i start the classmate pc. And when i go in developer mode and open dashboard.exe, i see no picture. My camera is configured perfectly, becasue i can see live feed from, but not from dashboard.exe plz help thank you


in setup, click on local dashboard, and restart the dashboard.
also, make sure you reinstall the dashboard (it should have a compass on the right

Tnx i got the camera view BUT i have connected wirelessly, all the communication, robot code, and stop botton are green, i can also drive the robot but i can NOT see the image. Yes i have connected the camera to the C-Rio through a crossover and it is working because i went to the ip : and it gives me the live feed. please help US!!! :):slight_smile: Much appreaciated


We have not gotten the camera to work with the drivers station yet either.

I hope someone can figure it out because we need help also.

Here is the error which i get when i plug the camera in directl to the classmate.
The error:

ERROR <code> -44003 occured at Ca,era.lvib:issue HTTP Request with Authentication.vi>>Camera.lvlib:issue Ger.vi>>Camera.lvlib: Set Image Appearence Property.vi>>Camera.lvlib:Set Enm Appearance Property.vi>>Camera.lvlib:Set Image Size.vi>>Vision Processing.vi>>Rbot Main.vi
<time>17:31:26 02/03/2010
FRC: Operation failed du to a communication failure with the camera.
ERROR<code>-44003 occured at Camera.lvlib:issue HTTP Request with Athentication.vi>>Camera.lvlib:Read JPG.vi>>Camera.lvlib:Acquire Image.vi:1
<time>17:31:23 02/03/2010
FRC: Operation failed due to a communication failure with the camera.
ERROR<code>-44003 occured at Camera.lvlib:issue HTTP Request with Authentication.vi>>Camera.lvlib:Read JPG.vi>>Camera.lvlib: Acquire Image.vi:1
<time>17:31:19 02/03/2010
FRC: Operation failed due to a communication failure with the camera.
No Change to Network Configuration: “Local Area Connection”
I/O unit not detected or not installed correctly.


Did you run the “Setup Axis Camera” utility located on the Labview 8.6 menu?

This utility creates a user account on the camera called “FRC” and is the account that all of the available languages, Labview, C++ and Java use to access the camera.

We found that we needed to install the required dashboard update then uninstall it and reinstall it for the camera to function. You will know you have succeeded if the dashboard has the gyro compass on the display.

Good Luck!