2010 Bayou Regional

The Mad Rockers will be there; anything going on Friday night? There’s no listing of a team social - I guess there’s nothing to do in New Orleans :confused:

Did you email the regional Director ?

I haven’t heard anything about Team Social. Bayou usually has the Mardi Gras festival at opening ceremonies but definitely not the same as a Team Social.

The DiscoBots are looking forward to meeting the Mad Rockers.

So 2815 and 1398 have arrived at the hotel–we’re excited to kick things off (pun very much intended) tomorrow morning.

Any word on a webcast for the folks back home?

I believe NASA will be providing a webcast for this event. I’m not sure though because there isn’t a link on their page. Here’s the link to the list of events they will be webcasting starting tomorrow.


I hope it works because I’ll be trying to watch it tomorrow until I can get there on Friday.

Good luck and see you on Friday!!!:slight_smile:

Hoo boy, this has been an interesting day. Both of our teams were a little slow getting out of the inspection gate, but we finally shook out most of the bugs to put up a couple of solid matches in the afternoon. (This seems to be true of many teams here; as we noted on Twitter, over a quarter of the teams had not completed inspection before qualification matches began.) But with that (and the control system updating hell) behind us, we’re ready to get a little crazier in the morning. (We aren’t Los Pollos Locos for nothing…)

that was a good regionals. i had a blast there, possibly more than other years. i just REALLY dont like this year’s ranking method. it’s pure nonsense, in my opinion.

I hope someone archived video at Bayou. I know 1477 asked if they could archive and they were told someone else was archiving.

In the mean time. Here is some video from the event from youtube and vimeo.

DiscoBots 2587 (made 4 middle shots !) and Chaos 1421 in qualifications


The 8 minute hang check on 57

Mad Rockers 2973

2587/1927/1339 vs. 2556/3228/2973

a.k.a. the one eight inch that eliminated us from the tournament lol. I remember how excited I was when they “successsfully” hung, but then the hang was waved off. Oh well it was still fun and I seriously did not expect a rookie team like us (3411) to go to the semis anyway, but nevertheless we’re Atlanta-bound!

The DiscoBots (2587) posted their Bayou Videos on Blue Alliance

We have higher quality versions available if your team wants a specific video , PM me.

Thanks for posting the videos, Andrew. I’ll be PM’ing you about some of the high resolution versions!

I know this is a huge bump but I just ran into some really nice pictures.


I’m sure all teams will like these. It brings back memories already!