2010 Buckeye Regional

Well, well, well. It looks like we are at full registered capacity this year, at 50 teams, with a month to go on registration. This does not look good for the team that I’m starting, but it is good news none-the-less.

Anyway, my ranting aside, who is going, and who are you looking forward to see?

If you’re starting a new team you can still register. Most Regionalshold spots for late signing rookies.

I was shocked to see how fast this regional filled up.

If I am not mistaken, Buckeye has hosted many more teams than this in the past, and the Wolstein Center is a huge venue. I expect they can and will fit in more, especially rookie teams.


2009 - 59 teams
2007 - 58 teams
2004 - 60 teams
2003 - 63 teams

So there’s plenty of room.

Ok, thanks for the clarification.

Purdue FIRST teams 1646 Boiler Precision Guessworks, 1747 HBR, and 461 WBI will be attending the Buckeye Regional again this year.
We’re all excited for the upcoming season!

Team 93 is coming to Ohio this year.

man we had so much fun at buckeye last year but we wont be there :frowning:

Team 48 just got into Buckeye off the waitlist. That means all 8 NEOFRA FRC teams - 48, 276, 379, 2010, 2835, 2901, as well as rookies 3193 and 3209 - will be there.

Based upon the team list, it looks like the event will be even more competitive than last year. Looking forward to it!

1038 will be back along with the 3 rookie teams we are working with, 3138, 3201 and 3266.

Seams so empty without all the Indiana team. So sad they moved the date.

THREE rookie teams, Jimmy? I though it was tough just working with one!!

It hasn’t been too bad. We’ll see how Saturday goes. We are having a mock build season day to teach our new students and 5 other teams we are working with ( 3 Rookies and 2 2nd year teams) what it is like to go through the first couple weeks of build season; from strategy to robot design. We are usin the 2005 game, Triple Play, as our challenge.

[blar 2005] Make sure you have plenty of loading-zone touching fluorescent zip ties on hand. :rolleyes: [/blar 2005]

I’m trying to plan a video for our regional. Will post more information as I finish getting the correct permissions.

Let’s ramp up this thread. Who’s excited for Buckeye?

Team List: www.frclinks.com/e/oh

I’m looking forward to getting a chance to demonstrate some bot upgrades, an actual auto mode, and using our primary, non-sick driver.

I’m looking forward to hopefully being in a match with 3138 (or perhaps about 6-8 matches…in a row :)), as well as 1038 (provided they get over their 48 disease and work out all the gremlins) and seeing CIA 291.

I’m looking forward to all 8 NEOFRA teams competing there together, including hopefully an enhanced performance from the sexy bumper squad of Falco Tech 3193.

Finally, I’m looking forward to seeing the first viable rampbot (double elevation) in person.

I’m looking forward to 964 finally having a functional robot at the start of the regional.

We are looking forward to Buckeye as well. It is always a great competition. The CORI teams will all be heading to their first (only) regional competition, so it will be a chance to see all our robots in action for the first time. It’s always fun competing against 48 and 1038. It will be nice to see the Purdue teams as well. Always quality robots and several mentors who were at one time on 1014 that it will be nice to see.

Team 836, The RoboBees, are excited about attending the Buckeye Regional for the first time.


PS - Any recommendations on places to eat that aren’t too far from the venue?


I think the Subway is well-traveled. Rascal House Pizza is close too.

Thanks Travis!

How does thie regional rank compared to others. On the premise of excitement and energy. I have been to several events, and some seem rather dead compared to others.