2010 Colorado Regional

So who all is going to be there this year? we had a great turnout last year lets hope this year is just as good if not better
Also lets all hope it doesnt snow like last year and get us kicked out :stuck_out_tongue:

saying all that team 2240 will be there and cant wait to have a great regional!

This will be team 1540’s (the Flaming Chickens) first year coming to Colorado. We are looking forward to it as well as the prospect of a smaller regional than our home one in Portland, OR (61 teams vs 42). More info on team 1540 can be found at www.team1540.org

Team 399 loved the Regional and are coming back!!!

team 1332 will be there:)

2996 will be there too

1592 is glad to be coming back!

Team 1777 from the Kansas City area will not be able to attend this year. We have been to the Colorado Regional twice in five years, but this year we have a leaner, meaner team and not able to fundraise the travel expenses.

We thought the Denver regional was very well organized and always had a good range of veterans and rookies with usually a smaller field of teams (mid to high 40’s).

We are staying close to home and will be able to be at home each night.

Good luck to the teams going to Denver, wish we could be there with you.

ah thats to bad but look on the bright side theres always next year that you guys can come… good luck at your regional!

As of now there is no webcast or as far as i know anyone planing to archive video for this regional… Are any of you guys that are coming planing to archive any video?

3198 “Robotomy” from Granby is attending. It’s our rookie year and I’m really excited! :smiley: I was quite disappointed when we couldn’t make the practice at CSM.

I do prey we don’t get snowed out as we really need the time to work thanks to a last minute disaster… :confused:

Anyway, see you there.

1245 - Shazbots will be there

Team 159 (Alpine Robotics) will be attending

I’m working on getting archiving set up. I just need to make sure I can get an RCA hook up to the field and then things will be good.

Oh, and that the current round of snow does not mess up the video capture system that is on its way from the Silicon Valley Regional.

thanks so much!

1339 will be there. Yee-haw!

and we won’t be snowed out this year. really.

We drove our van into our work area to load just as the sky fell this afternoon. Thunder, lightening, 1/2 inch hail and then heavy snow all in less than an hour. It must be time for the Denver regional. We’re looking forward to seeing everybody thursday.

Is there any chance of doing a live broadcast? I’d be more than happy to help get it on ustream.

Well the weather sure is trying to get us snowed out again but I’m hoping that it missed up by a couple of days.

In any case I’ll be there as one of your friendly neighborhood inspectors.

I’m only coordinating with TBA to get archiving done.

I don’t know about streaming, sorry!