2010 Connecticut Regional - Venue & Date Change!

The 2010 Connecticut Regional venue has been changed…
The 2010 CT Regional will now be held at the Connecticut Convention Center in Hartford, CT April 1-3, 2010.

Please check the FIRST website for more information as it becomes available.

Additionally, the CT Regional will NOT be a “bag and tag” event, per Bill’s Blog.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

thank you

Week 5

Thanks for the heads up Mike


This is a big change. Where is the official email from FIRST to let us know of this change? Convienently I read CD and also have a team meeting tonight to discuss this change with my team. While I thank you for spreading the word, it should be done officially ASAP.


The event listing has been updated on FIRST’s website. While I agree that an email would be/have been a good idea, the change has been made “officially”.

Doesn’t that mean that not sending out a notice is a bad idea? I am not questioning whether the change is official I am noting the communication problem. Yesterday the event was “officially” in Danbury, CT which is almost an hour away from Hartford. Luckily I check CD enough to notice it was posted here, but would have never looked back at the FIRST site. If something has been officially posted, and then officially changed an email needs to be sent out notifying the teams of the change.


As if by magic, an Email Blast was just sent out containing the date and venue switch for CT. Whether coincidence or direct result of this thread, the world may never know. :wink:

Wow. Week five.

195 will b there! :smiley:

3125 Gerber Technology’s new team will be there!!


We’re waitlisted. The Aluminum Falcon is waitlisted.

How many other teams are waiting?