2010 cRIO Image

I’m looking for the latest update for the 2010 cRIO Image…does anybody know where I might find one? (Navigating the vast jungles of ni.com did not help very much)

Ok, I think nevermind. I looked around, and It seems that the imaging tool will have an option for 2010 image? I don’t have a c-rio with me right now so I can’t run the tool to be sure because it won’t stay open if you don’t have a crio on the network. I was just trying to be prepared for tomorrow.

What’s significant about tomorrow? And what does that have to do with an almost 2 year old image? What are you trying to do?

Well… I would guess that their team meeting is tomorrow. That, and perhaps they would like to resurrect an old robot for demonstration purposes. I know we have at least 2 robots around the shop with everything but a brain in them because we can’t afford another cRIO. According to the FRC Robot Inspection Checklist for 2010, you need v20 of the image. Everything for that year can be found here.

If you can use an updated image for older code, then this is news to me, and will stop flashing this controller every time it goes in an old robot…

If you’re just downloading an old build, then you’ll need the matching vintage of the cRIO image.

You can use the newest image if you still have your original code and can just re-build your code under the latest LabVIEW version.

There might be minor updates to your code that you have to make as options and libraries may change in later LV versions, but usually you simply have to re-build your old code to drag in the cRIO image matching libraries.

As Mark said, if you are simply trying to run your 2010 code, and you have the project files, try building it with the 2011 platform first. Our 2010 code runs just fine on the 2011 image.

same here- i’ve run 2010 and 2009 code using 2011 labview and the 2011 image without issues…

Let me make sure. You are running LabVIEW version 8.6 with the image from last year’s 2011 image and not running “LabVIEW version 2011”?

It’s my understanding the FRC cRIO 2011 image is not compatable with LabVIEW 2011.

I can see how the new version labling of LabVIEW is going to cause confusion.
It’s like my updates DVD I get twice a year from NI. The set I received back in Feb was labled “Developer Suite 2011” but contain LabVIEW 2010.

That is correct. FRC 2010 and FRC 2011 are based on LabVIEW 8.6. FRC 2012 will be based on LabVIEW 2011.


So… I can actually get rid on LabView 8.5 from my laptop? And 2009’s program will compile with LabView 8.6.1? I don’t mean to hijack here, but I guess I’ve never really tried to open it in 8.6.1. It’s always just opened 8.5.

i should have been more clear.

it was 8.6. 2011 FRC updates. sorry about that.