It’s been a while, but MiM will be heading south again this year. The team is excited and looking forward to a great event! Looks like some good competition:D

Welcome back.

I noticed that you and M’Aiken Magic were both registered for the Florida regional.

Team SPAM has missed you guys.

The PINK team has as well. Welcome back!

As soon as 342 stops going to Florida is when 343 decides to attend:rolleyes: For years we had a great time in Florida, but in recent years it was starting to cost a little too much to travel down there:( . Good luck guys; I’ve always thought Florida regional had some of the best teams in FIRST!

yes, i have totally missed going to the florida regional! it has always been my favorite, so im really excited about going :smiley: ive missed all my favorite florida teams too! and CJ, yeah, thats how it works :rolleyes:

Team 79 can’t wait to see all you at the Florida regional. We are going to have a lot of fun this year!:smiley:

Yeah M’aiken Magic is coming down we didn’t get into peachtree this year but it’s gonna be a great year :D.
Being a sophmore and the only one who knows how to program is going to be a hectic thing.

looking at the team list its gonna be a good year i’m kinda sad i graduated last year but i’ve already registered as a volunteer cant wait!!!

I can’t wait for Florida Regional again! :smiley: I’m already getting geared up and trying to help out in every possible way! Loving the team list, too. Can’t wait to see all the Florida teams again (even though I JUST saw you guys at TNT!) and especially the out-of-state teams! Good luck to everyone this upcoming season.

I’ve been threatening to show up to one of these at the new arena for a while. I’ll put my self down as a firm maybe this year.

1251 will be there enough said, welcome all the out of state teams and Hi to our old friends within the state it will be a good one as usual.


442is going to be there. We’re looking to have a break out year this year. Looking forward to the competition.

The countdown is telling me there are less than 100 days until the Florida Regional. I find this great news, the only downside is our team seems to be lacking a robot.

We seem to have the same problem, but packing will be easier:yikes:

absoulutly ridiculous XD they are rushing us judt like FTC we had 4-5 weeks for this year when we had 5 months last year. And yes lacking a robot haha most definitly a problem.

Um… only 49 days untilt he regional!? When did that happen!!!:ahh:

Ahh, its going to be insane this year…

This now may be one of the hardest regionals in FIRST.

On a side note…anyone want to trade shirts?

I’m always up for shirt trading! See me at our pit! Also…

Bacon is pumped to see all our old friends again along with anyone we haven’t befriended yet at Florida!!!
Personally I’m looking forward to another exciting and LOUD robotics event!


The first cheer of many to come!

I agree with Skyler Florida is going to be Epic this year can’t wait to see everyone again


22 days left!!! OMG!