2010 Game Hint #2 and 2009 Field Overlay

THE GATES ARE THE SAME SIZE, but there weren’t any yellow pads at the very ends of the field as shown in green, only the center fits best.

What do you mean by only the center fits best?

If you take out the airlock, the section on the right fits.


From what i saw of the 2009 field blue prints and how its constructed it.

There are no field struts where you see the green. I imagine when it was designed it was necessary to reinforce the corners of the field, its weird that they suddenly would.

but the center of the 2009 field can easily be replaced with what we see in the 2010 Hint.

I would guess that means there are three teams this year. each enterance is usually for one alliance. so my guess is that this is the enterence for alliance 3 which is located in the center of the field…

The yellow things only covered the braces for the walls so no one would trip over them. They weren’t necessary on the outer edges near the air lock because the airlock was there as a support. You should go back to the 2007 and take a look at that. Maybe you’ll find something.

And also being that this might be a render from the new Delta field we’ve seen pictures of, it might need that extra support on the edges.

Refer to this http://www.chiefdelphi.com/media/photos/34329 As it were taken of the Delta field, where you can clearly see the support necessary on the outside by the airlock. The yellow things were not present.

I’m wondering about “Astroturf”. They used white in last year’s diagrams for regolith, and this year looks pretty green to me…

The only thing this seems to show is that there arent any big structures cutting off the corners like the last two years (airlock & robocoach areas)… but maybe thats the hint… open corners??

that makes sence or they did it because its always troublesome getting robots on the field ie last year lol

I pulled up the 2007 field diagram on the FIRST website and it looked like there were no supports on the Driver Station side of the gates even though the corners were open.

As I recall, there have been only 4 supports per side in the past. Each gets a trip guard. They have been placed, IIRC, only between the gates.

What the hint says is that there is now either another couple supports per side, with associated trip guards (green rectangles), or that there is now a gate between existing support/trip guard locations. This could simply mean that they are trying to get everyone on and off the field faster.

It could also mean that there is something big in the corners, and they moved the gates out a section from the ends to compensate. You could, in fact, do that with the field that was used last year, IIRC. Just switch two sections, and you’re set.

There is another even wilder possibility I would like to throw in here.

3 gates on one long side of the field directly across from 3 drivers stations on the other long side.
Then we could have nothing at all (or something REALLY BIG) on the ends of the field where the players stations used to be!

I thought about that concept last night for a while actually, & tried to reason with myself why it wouldn’t work, but the only thing I could think of was a lack of an even distribution of weight among the field sides.

As it stands now, the ends (players stations) are equal weight, and the sides (gates & rails) are equal weight & form a nice line of symmetry down each “center line” of the field.

But in the future…?

I have been on the field crew for both reset and assembly, and my concern here would be that with the scoring and a/v crew on one side, putting the drivers on the other “long” side of the field means it may be difficult to see the field. unless, the drivers go where the a/v and scoring usually is and the a/v and scoring go where the drivers use to be…

Ahh… yes, that was my other issue with it. Forgot to mention that. My bad! lol
I was thinking those tables could be placed between the players stations if they were spaced out & not clumped together, or even put at the ends of the field like you said?
Logistically it definitely does has a few issues which we can see just by 3 posts here, but who knows? Just another thought to throw into the mix, & also something for the GDC to see for years to come as an alternative if they don’t throw that curve at us this year! :yikes: :wink:

it would actually be quite nice to see a rearrangement of the “layout” no matter what way. maybe it will be 3+ alliances or maybe, like you are suggesting, drivers on a different side. either way, the affect this would have on the feel of the competitions would be very interesting and probably well received.