2010 Hawaii Regional

The Hawaii Regional is less than a week away, so who’s coming? Who wishes they were coming? :wink:

Let’s make it the best regional yet!

For our visitors 203 from New Jersey, 1920 from Louisiana, and 1544 and 1548 from Alaska, mahalo for joining us and we can’t wait for your arrival!

For those of you unable to join us this year, we’re hoping you’ll definitely consider the Hawaii Regional for a future season. From teams that we’ve had the fortune of hosting in previous years, the responses have generally been that the Hawaii Regional was one of the best they’ve ever attended! We hope this year is no different.

With BAE Systemsand Hawaii’s Robotics Organizing Committee, the Hawaii Regional Planning Committee has been planning a great regional including opening and closing ceremonies not to be missed!

My understanding is the event will not only be webcast, but on NASA TV also. I’ll post more information as it becomes available.

Hoping you’ll all stay tuned, and good luck to all the teams competing this weekend!

968 attended the first Hawaii regional in 2008, and if we had the money, we’d be back there every year. The place, the people, and the competition are all just fantastic! Good luck to all teams competing there this week. :slight_smile:

I was wondering, how much did it cost you guys to go Hawaii or about how much would it cost teams in Cali to attend?



Just wanted to add that all teams get lunches for all 3 days at the event, plus a great friday night social at the Hawaii Hard Rock Cafe!
Cant beat that!
If I’m not mistaken, mainland teams are still met at the airport with leis too!

No excuses CA teams!! If you can afford to go to Atlanta, you can certainly make it to HI. Just think of what us Hawaii teams have to do just to attend your regionals.:slight_smile:

I guess we know who the Rookie All-star will be this year? And the highest rookie seed.

Makes me wonder how the awards are handled for a regional with /no/ rookies.

I’ve been trying to get a mentor “scouting trip” out to Hawaii for years now. We’ll be competing in Troy, MI this weekend, so it didn’t work out this year. Perhaps next year…

That’s a darned good idea…

I wish we thought about this the first year we had the regional here. Since so many of the Hawaii Teams were rookies in 2008, it was a definite challenge to choose the Rookie All Star.

Early congrats to Ka’u (Team 3306). (Or is it too early?)

Fortunately in this situation, Ka’u was able to know in advance that they should begin thinking about travel plans and fundraising to get to Atlanta.

I have to wonder if both Rookie Inspiration and Rookie All-Star is awarded (along with Highest Seeded Rookie) or if just the All-Star (which is the Championship qualifying award) is given out.

If there is only one rookie team, only the All-Star and Highest Seed award are given.

Well of course there is the event registration, and we spent about $380 round trip per person on air fair. We were fortunate to get a house rent-free for two weeks through someone we knew. I don’t think we could have gone if we didn’t have that. Also got a sweet deal on a full size rental car for $20 per day. As for the prices of things (meals, goods, etc) in Hawaii, everything was about the same as we pay here.

Off-island teams also got lei’s.

Just about anyone who wants one gets leis :slight_smile: (I’m Oahu born)

I wish I could go to the Hawaii regional again. It was the best FIRST regional experience of my life. I hope the event goes well and good luck to all the teams!

Did I mention the breakfast coupons that each team gets for McDonalds so that you can also eat for free BEFORE you get to the tournament daily?:wink:

Field is ready, practice field is good to go (mahalo to 359 for the platform), and everything else is set!

Good luck to all teams this weekend!

And we’re still looking for a few good volunteers for some tasks, so if you or anyone on your team are willing to help out for a day (free shirt and meals woo), just come seek me out and we’ll get you all set up.

If you’ve got some time, check out the opening ceremony for the regional (and stick around to watch the regional itself!).

Attached is just a small sample of what to expect (from rehearsals after the pits closed tonight).

The webcast link will be posted an hour prior to the opening ceremonies on NASA’s webcasts page, and also will be live on NASA TV (looks like the whole of Friday will be broadcast live on the public channel according to the NASA TV schedule). Events begin at 9am (noon Pacific, 3pm Eastern).

Here’s hoping more mainland teams will consider Hawaii next year! (which looks to be March 24-26 based on the university’s Spring Break)

The attached image has elements of Friday’s opening ceremony and Saturday’s closing ceremony.

I’m sad to not attend the Hawaii Regional this year. This regional is outstanding, and well worth the money and effort to make it to Oahu.

Mark Koors is out there again this year, as the FTA, and he called me Monday night, rubbing it in that he is in Hawaii this week. We may have to do something to his desk as a surprise for his return.

Best of luck to all the teams competing in Hawaii, and aloha to all of my Hawaii friends!

Andy Baker


Great story on the front page of a local paper!