2010 Jag stopped working

We have a 2010 jag that is reciving signal from the side car, as in a solid light when program is running, but not doing anything with the signal. We know the program is fine, we did some trouble shooting. Unfortunatly, we heard something in it. Some how a metal shaving got in.
Anyone know a guild to figure out what might have fried and possibly replace it? I know that we can’t use a modified Jag in competition, but we have last years robot that we had stolen a good Jag off of. We use that robot for around town demonstrations. We would love to get this one working and save ourselves 75 bucks. Please help!

The best troubleshooting option is the same as with most electronics when you’ve reached this point- take it apart, break out the multimeter, and start probing. If you can locate the damaged component, get out your soldering iron and replace it.

In all reality, you probably won’t be able to save your jag unless you have a skilled electronic engineer on your team. I would recommend buying a new jag. During the off season you could start fiddling with trying to fix the broken one. If you fix it, extra jag! If not, you at least had fun taking it apart.

Under the strict interpretation of the robot rules, modifications cannot be performed on electrical components. You can try sending it back for repair. Unfortunately, metal shavings tend to do some unusual damage to speed controllers. Often burning through the circuit board or taking out more electronics than you can determine with a meter.

Well, it sounds like either U6 and U7 are fried (the MOSFET drivers), or the MOSFETs themselves.
Get out an oscope and probe the Gate leads of the MOSFETs. If you get something, then you can try replacing the MOSFETs. If you don’t, then I’m afraid this Jaguar is destined for mock-ups and layout planning.

yeah this happened to us last year the day before ship we broke two

we fixed one using spare parts from the other but it only worked for a short time before it broke again and even if it did work I don’t think they would accept it at competition