2010 KOP CIM motors vs. 2011 KOP CIM motors

Our team was thinking of using two CIM motors per CIMple gear box (total of four) but only two of these motors came in the KOP. However, we do have several of the KOP motors left from last year. The old and new motors look virtually identical but have different serial numbers. Does anyone have a spec sheet or know the difference between the two? Or is there a difference? And would it cause a problem if we mixed and matched?


I don’t know if there is a functional difference–I don’t think there is–but what will tell you if they’re legal is if they have one of the following part numbers: FR801-001, M4-R0062-12, AM802-001A, or PMR25R-45F-1003 (found in <R45-C>).

You might look at this thread:

Thanks both of you for your quick reply, I do know that both motors are legal but what I was really wondering is if this year’s and last year’s are the same despite having different serial numbers and can they be the old and new work together in a gearbox?

Yes, the CIM motors used last year and this year are the same motors and will work just fine.

Sweet, thanks for the clarification.