2010 Los Angeles Regional Webcast - Hosted by Team 1515 MorTorq

This year, team 1515 will be livestreaming the Los Angeles Regional. It will be availible at http://bhrobotics.com from Thursday March 25th to Saturday March 27th. The webcast will come with not only video, but also live scores, schedules, rankings, and awards updates.

Where on your website can it be found?

This would be fantastic. Thank you! Please post back with a direct link, so we can tell our families where to watch.

Can you post a direct link to the stream?

Looks like it goes straight there, top window. Maybe waiting until sometime later than 4:30 AM Pacific would have helped?:wink:

Thank you! Thank you!

Hey if anyone who is running the webcast sees this… can you do the following to enable iPhone/Android streaming? I talked to UStream about enabling Boston and LA for iPhone streaming, and this is the response I got.

Your channels have been approved to be viewable on Ustream’s iPhone and
Android mobile applications.
To complete your approval process, do the following:
1.) Log out of your Ustream account.
2.) Log back into your Ustream from the homepage.
3.) The Mobile broadcasting terms of service will appear when you log
in, review over them.
After accepting the terms of service, your channel will be viewable
anytime you’re broadcasting live. Viewers will also be able to view
your recorded videos by clicking on the “Archived” icon in the lower
right of the viewer app.

Firefox 3.6.2 is telling me that the webcast has a bad gateway. “502 Bad Gateway” is the error message. It worked fine yesterday.

Edit: Also, the team’s home site is giving an error 404: Not Found.

If anybody from 1515 is reading this, I think your webmasters have some work to do.

Trying it in IE didn’t work either.

I found it working if you go directly to USTREAM try this link.

Seems to be back up now–the page is showing up and the feed is playing.

Can the webcast operators bump the feed? It’s hella fatty wicked mad frozen.

Is the webcast working? the Ustream link appears to be down and NASA blocks Justin.tv so I can’t tell if the mortorq link works.

Works fine.

It works and is better than yesterday.

on Justin.tv :-/

Any way whoever is in charge can stream to ustream again?

I don’t know. I think they made the move because they were having bandwidth issues.

My dad might be able to find that out. Then again, he’s trying to make sure the field stays running smoothly.

Anyone know why the timeout was called?

294 popped some snaprings off.

Team 1515 – thanks again for the webcast. I’ve heard from several families in our school (including one School Board member) who were watching via webcast. Likely they wouldn’t have or couldn’t have come to Long Beach, so this provided another way we could get more people in our school excited about the competition!

Congrats, also, on the Chairman’s Award. Hosting this webcast is more proof that you truly deserved that honor!!!