2010 Los Angeles Regional

(Still in Long Beach!)

1197 will be there and we’re planning a surprise. And I know the rest of the South Bay teams are here to dominate, too.

1671 Is going to LA, and is ready to play some Breakaway!

Team 330 is once again excited to be attending the LA regional - see you all in a week!

I predict 330 as part of the winning alliance with their great female drive team and legendary coach.:wink: :wink: :wink:

Ha, that’s like predicting the sky is blue and grass is green :smiley:

Can’t wait to see 330 competing again, it was exciting every match it played in AZ especially when it self-righted in the last match of the qualifiers… suhweet!

team 2272 has something up their sleeve this year

I hope to see some of the California teams while here on business travel!

294 will be there!

This will be the first L.A. Regional that I have missed. Period.:frowning: (Attended 2001-2009)

Have fun out there!

I’ll be there!

does anyone know if there will be a webcast for this event?

If previous years were any indicator, nope. :confused:

Team 968 is happy to be returning to the Los Angeles regional, after two years of competing at other events. Should be a good one! :slight_smile:

Team 599 looks forward to a great weekend with interesting matches. We will be running the Robot FIRST Aid Station (RFAS as we abbreviate it), so we hope all teams that need help take the time to ask for it.

Personally, I wonder if there will be a student ambassador program similar to the one run in San Diego? any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Team 980 is looking forward to competing with some awesome teams in Long Beach!

P.S. This was my 980th post on CD. An omen?? :smiley:

Team 1388 ready to compete at our second competition in long beach. This is always a fun one. We’ve also made a long overdue change to our robot. Make sure to Grab one of our new red and green injection molded battery tabs! Because we know how it feels to have your next match in two minutes and not know which batteries are charged or not haha…

Our team is getting on the bus to leave in approximately 1 hour!

Good luck and see you there,
–Dan K.

Good luck 968!

I’ll be looking for those!!

I’ve never been to the LA regional. What are the best teams/people to look out for?


1717, 330, 294, 1388, and 968 are the local powerhouses; 190 and 233 are from the East Coast.

599 and 980 are usually pretty good as well; 597, 1197, and some of the others have a regional under their belts already and are doubly dangerous.

Of course, never assume anything about how good a team is not… Someone’s going to surprise all of us.