2010 Mabuchi Motor Specs....

This goes out to all the EE Sparkies out there…

Any sign of a new motor spreadsheet for 2010 KOP motors?

And specifically… , anyone know the difference between the




Google yields some results. Both motors appear to be in the range of ~40W peak power if I recal. Not very powerful, but still may be useful.



Thank you.

Can we use the banebots transmissions for these motors?

According to Section 8, as long as they’re under the cost limits (and you use these specific motors), there are no limits on COTS transmissions and gearboxes.

I think you misunderstood the question :). I was wondering is it Possible to use the banebots transmission?

You’ll probably need the right pinion gear, but it looks like you should be able to.

Regarding the RS-555SH-2670, I searched Google with [noparse]RS-555SH-2670 filetype:pdf[/noparse], and got four useful results, including three that referred to that exact part number. The fourth was the one linked above, but it doesn’t specify that it’s the -2670.

  • From Ignis: 24 V, 8 200 rev/min free, 0.14 N·m stall, 7.00 A stall, 0.16 A free => 7.56 W max. at 12 V.
  • From Kinmore: 12 V, 4 500 rev/min free, 0.11 N·m stall, 4.40 A stall, 0.19 A free => 13.29 W max. at 12 V.
  • From Globalsources: 12 V, 4 500 rev/min free, 0.11 N·m stall, 4.40 A stall, 0.19 A free => 13.29 W max. at 12 V.
  • From Compucanjes (cited above): 24 V, 8 500 rev/min free, 0.23 N·m stall, 9.00 A stall, 0.18 A free => 12.52 W max. at 12 V.

The last ones are quite similar (once you convert them to 12 V), but the first is way off. (I don’t think it has anything to do with the gearbox, since the torque values are not scaled as you’d expect if the gearbox were included.) I can’t find a good reason to ignore the first set of data—which refers to this motor by number.

Maybe I’m missing something (so feel free to check my math). Either way, it appears that this isn’t a very powerful motor.

It looks like the 36 mm gearboxes from BaneBots line up.

The previous years’ RS540/550 motors have the same 25mm mount pattern and 3.17mm shaft

But sadly BaneBots only has one type ofgearbox 64:1for the 36mm sizes

The P60 series is also designed to accept the RS-540/545/550/555 motors and has a wider range of available ratios

While on the subject of these two motors, has anyone been able to locate a source for spares?

Hi all,

It has taken almost 3 weeks but I finally tracked down the right guy at Mabuchi who could give me the official skinny on the 2010 KOP Motors (thanks to my past life as a electromechanical guy at GM/Delphi, the folks at Mabuchi return my calls :wink:

Special shout out to Chris Tate
Sales Engineering Manager
Mabuchi Motor America Corp.
Now for the specs…

RS555SH-2670 at 12V (note curves in the specs are at 24V)

  • Free Speed = 4200RPM

  • Stall Torque = .11 N-m

  • Stall Current = 4.5A

  • Peak Power = 12W

  • Free Speed = 4000RPM

  • Stall Torque = .28 N-m

  • Stall Current = 12A

  • Peak Power = 30W
    See specs for packaging and more details.

Joe J.

FIRST_2010_Mabuchi_Motor_Data.zip (590 KB)

FIRST_2010_Mabuchi_Motor_Data.zip (590 KB)

Great work finding these specs, Joe.

One little thing: my interpolation of the provided -3754 graph gives stall current of 10.9 A, not 12 A, stall torque of 0.29 N·m, not 0.28 N·m, peak power of 30.5 W, not 30 W, and free speed of 4 050 rev/min, not 4 000 rev/min…although those differences would probably be within normal variation anyway.