2010 Minnesota Splash Seminar Presentations

The 2010 Minnesota Splash Seminar Presentations and Resources are now available at http://www.mnfirstregional.org/splash.

Presentations include:

  • Opening Presentation
  • Rookie Team Essentials
  • Rookie Survival Guide
  • Rookie and Veteran Programming
  • Labview Programming
  • FRC Beta Software/Hardware
  • Drivetrain
  • Manipulator
  • Rookie and Veteran Pneumatics
  • Chairman’s Award
  • Marketing Communications
  • FIRST Awards, Scholarships, Alumni Organizations
  • Rookie and Veteran Electronics (Presentations not available yet)
  • Virtual Prototyping with CAD (Presentations available here)
  • Staying Out of Trouble with the Robot Inspectors (Only bag and tag presentation is up)
  • Game Strategy: From Kickoff to Einstein (Presentation available here)
  • Scouting Strategy (Presentation available here)
  • Team Spirit (Presentation not available yet)
  • Fundraising
  • Mentor Forum Q&A (Video should be posted soon)

Some of the presentations were recorded so videos should be posted soon.

Hope they help teams prepare for the build season.

Wish my team could have come, we were snowed out that weekend.

All presentations are available on http://www.mnfirstregional.org/splash, except for the scouting and strategy presentations.

My presentation on “10 Quick and Easy Ways to Fail Inspection (and How to Avoid Them)” is now up on the site.

I’ll be making some updates after the 2011 rules are released and then posting the updated version on CD as a white paper, hopefully sometime in Week 2 or so, but the version I presented in Dec. is available now.

I defiantly recommend all teams view this presentation and take Mr. Pahl’s advice. This presentation helped us to the point where we only needed to make one somewhat significant change on our robot, and thanks to Jeff stopping by our pit to let us know so that we were able to correct it and get some practice rounds in! :wink: