2010 NASA team grants announced

The NASA Robotics Alliance Project is pleased to announce the FIRST Robotics Competition participation grants for 2010. Listed below are the “Regional Challenge Grant”, “Program Growth Grant” and “Sustaining Grants” applications that have been selected for award. Receipt of a NASA Robotics Alliance Project grant award is contingent upon a team being registered with FIRST and confirmed at the specific event for which the sponsorship applies. Regional Challenge Grants are NOT transferable to other teams or other events. Program Growth Grants may be used for any regional competition event, but they are not transferable to other teams. As indicated in the grant application, awarded funds will not be sent directly from NASA to the winning teams. The awarded funds will be transferred to FIRST on behalf of the awarded team, and used to fund the registration fees for the associated regional competition event.

The announcement of the 2010 NASA team grants has been released. You can see the list of grant awards here.

Congratulations to all the teams that were selected for a grant award. NASA received a significant increase in the number of grant applications this year, and the selection process was particularly difficult. Unfortunately, we were limited in the number of grants that we could support by available funds, and could not award a grant to every team that applied. Believe me - if we were able, we would have gladly supported many, many more of the outstanding applications. For those that do receive a grant award, we trust that you will enjoy and get the most out of your FRC experience this upcoming year.



Holy cow, I just read through that list and there are a lot, a lot of teams on there. I don’t know if it’s the recession or just FIRST having more teams, but way to go NASA on stepping up to the plate!

Congrats to all of the teams who received funding!

It’s pretty amazing. I love seeing Utah teams on the list. (It shows growth and development.) The fact that there are so many teams listed also shows that teams took the time and made the effort to do this correctly. It’s great. Thank you, NASA!

Congratulations to every team on this list, and especially to team 2502! I know they needed this grant for a well funded season this year; I’m glad to see the team earn it.

Hey, cool, 1714’s a NASA grant team again! :smiley:

NASA (and Dave),

Speaking on behalf of team 3259, we can’t express enough the appreciation we feel; Thank you for the work, time, and money that you have put into providing these grants!! As mentor, and product of this program, I’ve seen how FIRST can (and has) impacted lives, and can’t wait for what’s in store for my team. Thanks again,



Will you please post an official snail mail address so we can send a proper thank you letter.

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards
Ed Barker


… and an e-mail address as well.

And to NASA, Thank you very much. Words cannot express the thanks for the opportunities you’ve given.

On behalf of 2791, we would like to thank NASA for the opportunity to bear the NASA name again this year. We eagerly look forward to seeing a snail-mail address to send our thanks in writing.

Is this still the best place for a formal thank you?


For those that didn’t follow the link -

Dr. James Green
Director, Planetary Systems Division
Science Missions Directorate
NASA Headquarters
300 E Street, SW
Washington DC 20546

Dr. Ed Weiler
Associate Administrator
Science Missions Directorate
NASA Headquarters
300 E Street, SW
Washington DC 20546

Jim is my division director, and a great supporter of FIRST, BotBall, BEST, the NASA Robotics Academy, and many other programs. Jim and I both work for Ed. Ed is one of the greatest unsung heroes of this community. He has gone to bat to get (and restore) resources to support this effort at levels that very few will ever know. He has laid his (and my) job on the line to make some of this stuff happen.

You may not see either of their names frequently within the FIRST community, but without their advocacy and support NASA would not be able to participate at anywhere near the level that we do.



On behalf of Teams 48, 2835, and rookies 3193 and 3209, NEOFRA teams all, thank you VERY MUCH, NASA, for your support of our teams this season, and your continued extensive support of the FIRST community as a whole.

Congrats also to friends on 3138 and 462 for receiving funding.

I have a cardinal rule at work, even during my lunch hour. I don’t cry or get emotional. Thanks for making me break the rule, Dave. It is worth it.



As a mentor from a team that received a Sustaining Grant, I have to say thank you for the time, effort and capital that you, Jim and Ed have spent on this program. I was simply stunned when I heard the news that we were chosen. Hopefully over the course of the year, we’ll be able to demonstrate the impact that NASA has had on our group.

Thank you again,

Trying to Help

On behalf of the 9 NJ teams (2753 is listed as a ME team for this process) receiving grants and those who we have mentored/are mentoring elsewhere, thank you NASA for the continued support!

I’m really looking forward to 2502’s season as well. :slight_smile:

I would just like to say **THANK YOU **again to NASA on the behalf of 2753. We were proud to wear and display the NASA logo on our team shirts and robot last year. We can’t wait to have the honor to do so again.


On behalf of Team 1249, once again, thanks for your support of FIRST and providing us the opportunity to compete in a new region North Carolina. Look forward to making new friends and see some old friends from Pittsburgh region, Team 48

This one’s for you NASA…

OINK OINK[size=]** BOOM**[/size]

Congratulations to all of the selected teams, and thank you to NASA for the above and beyond level of support to teams.

Team 341 would just like to say thank you to NASA for the continued support of the East Coast off-season events, the mobile machine shop, and the grants mentioned here.

Without the help of **NASA Goddard SFC **and **Rob Thate **we could not hold Brunswick Eruption, Duel on the Delaware, Battle of Baltimore, Ra-Cha-Cha Ruckus, the Virginia State Fair Competition or Ramp Riot.

Without Ramp Riot are team would have a difficult time surviving the year. It means a great deal to our community and to our team.

Although we did not apply for FIRST NASA grant this year, we sincerely appreciate the efforts of NASA to help struggling veteran teams. This was a huge step in the right direction. There are so many veteran teams that need this help to survive.

The impact that NASA is having on young minds is impossible to measure and will have lasting benefits for us all.


Al Ostrow
Team 341

What an awesome show of support by NASA to invest in so many FIRST teams!

NASA’s Science Mission Director (Ed Weiler) and Solar System Exploration Program Executive (Dave Lavery) truly embrace NASA’s Vision Statement:

*To understand and protect our home planet,
To explore the Universe and search for life, and
To inspire the next generation of explorers… as only NASA can. *

They’ve put the agency’s (actually, our taxpayer’s) money where their mouth is, a heroic task in such a difficult budgetary environment.

Teams that received a NASA grant this year should use this support to encourage other sponsors to invest in their teams future as well. There’s an big opportunity to leverage the NASA grant money and recapture support from the corporate sector. In the eyes of the public, NASA holds a special place among government agencies, rooted of integrity and “can do” attitude. Placing NASA logos prominently on your robot, team shirts, and website not only acknowledges NASA’s support, but can also help attract sponsors.

Please thank NASA by making the most of their commitment to you. Have a safe, successful season and be inspired!