2010 New York City Regional !

This is it, the biggest FIRST Regional Event you can attend in 2010!

Thursday March 11- Arena setup, FRC field setup.

Friday March 12- FRC Pit opens, FTC Field Setup, Career Expo-Colleges.

Saturday March 13- FRC Preliminaries, FTC Regional Competition, FLL Field Setup, Career Expo-Colleges.

Sunday March 14- FRC Finals, FLL Competition; Career Expo-Sponsor Co & Organizations.

Volunteers are welcome!!!

The “Gearing Up” one-hour documentary produced by KETC in St. Louis and Story House Productions in Washington, DC chronicles behind-the-scenes drama and excitment leading up to the 2008 FIRST Robitcs National Competition.


It will be shown in the Tri-state area on:
Nov. 4, 2009
Station: WLIW at 10PM ET

Please check your local TV listing.

And you can order your own copy too:
DVD will ship beginning Oct. 12.

"Greetings Teams! FRC Kickoff day is only three months away! Please read down for important info.

HAVE YOU REGISTERED FOR FRC YET? Please note that your team registration is what confirms your intention to participate. If you have not already done so, we encourage you to register right away! If you anticipate any difficulty that might hinder your participation this year, please be in touch with us via email or phone; we’d like to help your students continue to be part of FIRST.

FUNDRAISING - Are you starting your team fundraising campaign? Good news! We are hearing positive responses from some of our major NYC team funders! This is not to say, however, 2010 will be an easy fundraising year; we want everyone to be ready and for that an early start with fundraising is essential. It is important to reach out to sponsors who helped your team last year, remind them once more of how important their support was and invite them to partner with you once again this season. If you need help in getting your letters for old or new sponsors or grant requests ready, call Ana Martinez at 718 260 3383 for mentor support.
For those of you qualifying for a NASA grant, be aware applications are now being accepted. For info on NASA grants: http://frc-grants.arc.nasa.gov/frc/app/directions.php

You can also help FIRST get funding for teams! Please vote for FIRST at the Google Project 10 to the 100 - where Google opened up a suggestion box for ways to solve world problems that fell into different categories. Go to http://www.project10tothe100.com/submit.html?id=T09 and cast your vote for this category which involves using funds to spread FIRST to more students and schools!
Voting ends on Thursday, October 8th — so please help by voting soon!

MENTOR DATABASE – We hope your team is very competitive at the NYC Regional next March! NYC FIRST would like to help you reach out to your mentors and keep them in the loop regarding workshops and other resources for your team. Please help us build a mentor database by registering your team technical mentor at this link: http://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?hl=en&formkey=dE0wQUlqQUE0cjZhMWFUNFlRa1VzbUE6MA

FRC 2010 WORKSHOPS – Save the dates below for FRC workshops planned by the Mentor Technical Support Committee led by Keith Hughes, and the Goldman Sachs Community Works Group. Workshops are held at Polytechnic Institute of NYU and will focus on Programming your robots. Registration can be completed at this link: http://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?hl=en&formkey=dGNFcWxVbUd6OGhlOHpHT1dRQ21OMnc6MA

Nov 7th – FRC Workshops open to students (programming in Robot C)
Nov 14th- FRC Workshop open to students (programming in Robot C)
Nov 21st –FRC Workshop open to students (programming in robot C)
NEW!! Dec 6th – “Lunacy on Earth” Programming Day /Obstacle Course Game at Francis Lewis HS – all teams invited –Registration Instructions will follow.

STUDENT LEADERSHIP ASSEMBLY – CALL FOR NOMINATIONS - The Team Leadership Assembly (TLA) will consist of one student leader from each FRC team in New York City. The Assembly is intended to provide team input in the planning and growth of FRC in the City and to be an additional communication avenue between FRC teams and the NYC FRC Planning Committee. Team representatives will attend meetings and relay information to their teams about events, scholarship opportunities and available resources. To nominate your team representative, please click this link: http://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?formkey=dGxpX3hXdWV1LU50TEZManpmaHBQcWc6MA.


Ana L Martinez
FIRST Regional Director"

2010 will be the 10th Anniversary of FIRST New York City FRC Regional!!!

:] :] :]

Any celebration plans for the 10th anniversary of the regional?

Additional NJ/NYC stations and dates on PBS:

Station: NJN2 11/2/09 at 8pm ET (also 11/3 , 11/4, 11/5, 11/6, 11/7, 11/8,11/9)
Check your TV listing for show time

Station: NJN1 11/2/09 at 9pm ET


Team 341 is excited to be attending our first ever New York City Regional!

Our students and mentors can’t wait to make new friends (and reconnect with old ones)!

Fantastic and a Big Welcome!

You have a lot of admirers in NYC (including me). Some have met your team down at the championship and off-season events.
I know they would be happy to know that Team 341 is coming to town.

"Greeting Teams!

We are looking forward to seeing all who registered for the FRC Workshops and remind those of you not yet registered of the great opportunities available for your teams to “get set” -

Here is a preview and below the registration link for your convenience.

All workshops are held at Polytechnic Institute of NYU -
Six Metrotech Center
Brooklyn NY 11201
For info or questions: 718-260-3383 or [email protected]

October 31 -
10 am - 4 pm - Train the Trainer - Programming for FIRST Team Mentors. This session is designed for mentors already knowledgeable in C language to learn more about C Rio and the mechanical and electrical systems of FRC robots, and to become familiar with the process of mentoring teams intending to participate in FRC. ONLY THREE SPACES LEFT!! Led by NYC FIRST Mentor Technical Support Committee with support of PolyBots.

There are two tracks available for the workshop days below
Track 1: Robot C programming and
Track 2: Game Strategy and Team Organization/Project Management

November 7 -
10 - 4 - Robot C Programming for FRC Programming Team Members -
10-12 - Game Strategy: Learn about FRC games, strategy, and robot design from some of our most seasoned FRC mentors.
12-1:00 - Bring your Lunch
1-4pm - Team Organization/Project Management - How do we organize our teams to make efficient use of time and enter all award categories.

November 14 -
10 - 4 - Robot C Programming for FRC Programming Team Members -
10-12:15 - Game Strategy II: Learn about FRC games, strategy, and robot design from some of our most seasoned FRC mentors.
12-1:00 - Bring your Lunch
1-4pm - Team Organization/Project Management II - Managing build season: streamlining your production line. Led by PolyBots

November 21:
10 - 4 - Robot C Programming for FRC Programming Team Members -
10-12:15 - Game Strategy II: Learn about FRC games, strategy, and robot design from some of our most seasoned FRC mentors.
12-1:00 - Bring your Lunch
1-4pm - Team Organization/Project Management II - Managing build season: streamlining your production line.

December 6:

LUNACY ON EARTH - A day of fun and programming at Francis Lewis High School - Lunacy Bots change into rubber wheel and experiment with gravity at the FLHS Gym! All day Sunday. Registration is limited to 20 bots: info at FRC Workshops.

Take Care,
Danya Shneyer
Americorp*VISTA Volunteer
New York City/New Jersey FIRST
[email protected]
" :]

Hey Mister Wong, good to see your still involved in NYC :slight_smile:
Good luck to all at the best regional it is (may be slightly biased)

Greetings TEAMS!

We are landing on earth! Back to Gravity! The FRC Mentor Technical Support Committee and Francis Lewis High School (Team 3017) are pleased to invite you to Lunacy on Earth Game Day - This is a culminating event of our 2010 FRC programming workshops, a great opportunity to improve your C Rio programming skills, meet old friends, and have FUN!. Lunacy on Earth Game Day is a mini competition that will require wheel modifications and reprogramming of last year’s robots. It will happen on Sunday, December 6, 2009 at Francis Lewis High School Gym. Space is limited to 20 teams; registration is on a first comes-first served basis with preference given to NYC teams. Registration will close November 30, 2009. Bring your mentors! Bring your programmers! Be better prepared to compete in March 2010!

When: Sunday, December 6th, 2009
9-4 pm

Where: Francis Lewis High School
5820 Utopia Pkwy
Fresh Meadows, NY 11365-1591
Directions to the School: http://www.francislewishs.org/site_res_view_template.aspx?id=4ae91708-fb75-4015-8936-98713f7818c2

Schedule of the day:
9:00am- The pit opens
9:45am- Welcome and Opening Ceremony
10-12pm Programming and Testing
12-1pm LUNCH Break
1-3pm Game on
3-3:30pm Closing Ceremony

Game Details:
Robots will move across a simple obstacle course in autonomous and Tele-op modes. Detailed rules for the game and a layout of the field are attached. If you have further questions about the game rules please send all inquiries to the Lunacy on Earth Help Desk: [email protected]

What to Bring and Prepare:
*Bring your own router
*Set system password to any unique pass word that includes your team number
*Bring control panels
*Bring AC Adapter for control panel computer
*Bring AC adapter for router
*Bring a Laptop for programming
*Please bring ALL of your Orbit Balls
*Bring electrical extension cord and breakout box
*Wear team uniforms
*Teams must come with an adult
AND Food- for lunch


For questions about registration please contact Danya Shneyer: [email protected]

See you there!


If you did not make it to the NYU/Poly FRC Kickoff event on Saturday, then checkout the news coverage:

•Jennifer Bogo’s Popular Mechanics story is already up online including an embedded game video:

•Scholastic Kids’ 11-year old reporter Gowtham Balagi plans to write a blog this week on both FLL and FRC. And he hopes to follow Queens Vocational Technical H.S. and Hunter College through the build season and at the NYC regionals.

•Polytechnic News plans to cover both the FLL and FRC events in the next edition.

•NY-1 taped interviews at both the FLL qualifier and FRC Kick-off – capturing footage for upcoming reports and a feature on the FRC East Harlem Technical Program team who are dedicating the 2010 season to Glenn Wright who lost his life to violence in September.

•IEEE Spectrum met with 5 or 6 teams including the mentor of Hunter College, the entire Queens Vocational team and mentor Anthony Ali, Qurat of the Iron Maidens and the mentor of The Mary Louis Academy Vinod Lala. I’ll be checking with Anne-Marie Corley on her coverage plans this week.

Good luck!

"Greetings Teams!!

Three weeks to go! How are your Break Away bots doing? READY TO SHIP in about THREE WEEKS!

Yes, we know, its getting tight! The Mentor Tech Support Committee is ready to come to the rescue! A help session has been set for all of you needing help at Bronx Academy High School this Saturday, February 6 from 9:30am to 1:30pm. Floating mentors will be available during the help session to help with programming, electrical and mechanical/pneumatics issues… HERE IS YOUR CHANCE to catch up with the building, overcome technical obstacles delaying your projects, and get advise from the EXPERTS!!!

Please bring:
Your robot in whatever state it is in
Driver’s station
Power strips
Battery charger
Programming laptop.

Bronx Academy is located on 1440 Story Ave., Bronx, New York

Public transit
6 to Hunts point
2 to Simpson Street Station
BX5 to Bronx River or Colgate Avenue

To REGISTER please email back - make sure you describe your issues /needs in the Floating Mentor doc at this link:

See you all Saturday morning!

Danya Shneyer"


Time to dust off this thread.
Who’s excited about the NYC Regional?
Can’t wait to make new friends in the Big Apple!

Team 375 cant wait to compete.

Hopefully teams will have learned a few valuable lessons from watching the Week 1 competitions and will be prepared to give it their all in Javits, most notably when it comes to qualifications strategy.

Truck will be here soon and the game is on!

The MADNESS begins as soon as you walk in on Friday morning!

Again, I have scrambled the pit numbers!!!
It will take you a whole day to figure out where everyone’s pit are!
Ma ha ha ……


prays for an end pit


We can’t wait!

(spinning the PIT Wheel of Fortune… click click click.)

Almost! One station from the end near the PIT admin’s table.
A sweet spot!
(You have a Rookie team next to you so please give them a hand when you can, Thanks.)


I just noticed that the NYC Regional is a Friday, Saturday, and Sunday Event. Maybe I’ll have to drag Nick (Big Kid) out of bed and get up there to watch.

Rich, Do you know about how late you’re going to run on Saturday?