2010 North Carolina Regional

I have gotten the word that North Carolina will be having a FRC regional this upcoming season of 2010.

It will take place in March at Raliegh’s Dorton Arena, part of the NC State Fairgrounds. Still waiting on final confirmations of dates.

I hope to see you there.

FRC Team 2108
Cary, NC

Will there be an official announcement of this like there was in Atlanta in 2008 about new regionals? This would be an awesome addition to 11’s beloved southern regionals! Palmetto, Chesapeake, VCU, and now NC! Awesome.

We’ve never been to Peachtree or Florida.

Cool, I guess if I go to NC State next year there will be a regional right there :smiley:

Paul Gudonis announced this at a local conference last night. I believe they are waiting to confirm dates before an offical announcement comes out. We are expecting it in the next few days.



Dorton Arena is attached to Carter-Finely Stadium (NC State football) and the RBC Center (NC State basketball and Carolina Hurricanes hockey).

Hopefully, in the coming years we can move the competition to the RBC Center. The downside is that competition falls right in the middle of hockey and basketball seasons.


Is there any official word of this on the FIRST website to confirm this news?

I drove by all three of them when I was in Raleigh and even though none of them are on campus the new regional will be a lot closers than VCU or Palmetto.

Well, team 1261 goes to P’tree (a 2 minute drive) and Palmetto (a 1 hr drive) so I’m not sure if we’ll be doing to NC. There are factors such as money, will-power, school administration happiness, grades, and many other things that’ll determine as to whether or not we’d be able to attend.

It is doubtful, but it would be excellent if the NC, SC and GA regionals were all on different weekends.

Well, it’d be a good idea to make them on different weekends. I mean all regionals are within a few hours drive from each other and I’m sure that they could get a decent number to come to all 3.

We would love to see MORT at Lonestar! :slight_smile:

I’m not actually sure if that’d be a big problem. Only eleven teams in North Carolina competed last year, which made it relatively easy to map them out here. The lion’s share of the teams in the state already are in the Raleigh area, or at least far closer to it than the current options that teams choose (various permutations of Peachtree, Palmetto, and VCU, with only a couple going to Chesapeake or DC).

Ignoring pesky things like scheduling and loyalties, I would expect to see the biggest losses to hit VCU and Peachtree. Many of the teams that go to VCU presently only go to one regional, while many teams go to Peachtree along with Palmetto (or sometimes VCU), especially in that northeast corner of the state. Assuming that they bite on a regional in their backyard and have to cut one of their older events, I would expect many of them to pick Palmetto over Peachtree for proximity (it’s some 90 miles closer) and other reasons. Ditto the inevitable crop of rookies that will pop up around this event that find themselves receiving enough money to pick another event.

Keep Palmetto and this North Carolina regional far enough apart on the calendar, and I think it’d work out.

Did anyone else notice that only three states–Delaware, Rhode Island, and Maine–remain until FRC has swept I-95?

We would like the NC regional to be a different weekend from the SC and VCU regionals. This soon before competition the weekend for NC will probably depend on the arena’s and the state fairgrounds’ schedule.

The Chesapeake, VCU, Peachtree and currently the Palmetto regionals are all coordinated by the Virginia FRC Director and co-director. My guess is that the new NC Director will probably be taking responsibility over for the Palmetto regional.

We’ll see how things are scheduled and how FIRST moves things around.


Are there any other regionals (2009-2010) being announced ?

Guess not… YAY RUMORS!!! w00000!!! :rolleyes:

But none-the-less, it DOES look like a pretty neat venue:

Bleachers full of yellow and black :smiley:

Well since it was announced today that competition season will be only 5 weeks I wonder which regionals are being squished together in one weekend.

Dont forget us… that is if we decide to go… :slight_smile:

NC regional… interesting.

The only week 6 regionals were the Minnesota events and the MSC, so I’m thinking it’s safe to assume those are just being moved around rather than everything compressing.

Come to Florida, the bleachers are yellow and black.