2010 Northeast Utilities FIRST Connecticut Regional

Only a couple of weeks left until we meet again in Hartford! The planning committee’s been hard at work… and we’re looking forward to seeing everyone. Hope you’re signing up for the Team Social at the Downtown Marriott Hotel and Connecticut Science Center - tickets are limited and available first-come, first-served per the instructions sent to the team leaders this week.
All the details for the regional, including the very important load-in instructions, can be found on our website, www.ctfirst.org

So… Who’s coming to Connecticut??? :slight_smile:

Team 230 will be there!

I’ll be swinging by! Hope to see some great competition :slight_smile:

I’ll probably be at WPI++ this year :slight_smile:

I wonder how a regional like this will play out. Half the teams all know each other from WPI, yet some other powerhouses like 40 and 175 come into the picture.

team 571 is always there… and chris… from what i saw at BAE, 175 is not as good as previous years… they have alot of trouble hanging consistently

Chris, that often happens at the Connecticut Regional, and I’m sure it’s not the only place. A lot of the New England-area teams have known each other for a long time and practice together, work together at off-seasons and other competitions (like BAE, WPI, etc.). It’s always a very exciting and competitive regional because of this. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the experience!

I’ll be there on Friday and Saturday to visit 1124 and others. :slight_smile:

The GRUNTS Team #3146, from Granby CT, are looking forward to being there for our first official competition. We have alot of work to do on Thursday though as we shipped our chassis, but have several attachments to add to it.

Merle Yoder
GRUNTS Team #3146

StuyPulse is coming back and we had a blast last year. I’m looking forward to having a great time at what is the loudest regional I have ever been to.

Can I get any details on the team social such as what exactly it is going to be and at what time?

Can’t wait to get back to competition.

Aces High will be back again, as usual. We’re working on a more exciting pit display than usual…oh and we’re working on that robot thing as well :stuck_out_tongue:

See you all in a few weeks.

Rosie’s coming…and stronger than we were at WPI.

Important information for teams can be found here: http://www.ctfirst.org/first-ct-programs/CTRegional-ForTeams.cfm
We expect to be providing load-in/load-out details soon (we just need to finalize some details.)

Information about the Team Social can be found here: http://www.ctfirst.org/first-ct-programs/CTR10TeamSocial.cfm

All this (and more) has been sent to the main and alternate team contacts.

See you in CT!

Let’s see…

55 awesome teams

  • 3 of the best/most intense days of my life two years in a row
  • 30 minutes away
  • 100’s of friends I can’t wait to see again from other teams

Add it up and you get…

Well it may not equal 1124, but the numbers don’t lie- you’ll be seeing us there, excited as ever :smiley:

Team Max will be there. Definitely excited about the event and the party. Nice job Kathie and Michael for pulling it all together. It is nice to have a social again

Team 571 will be there

I just noticed a typo on the Team Social page of our website (http://www.ctfirst.org/first-ct-programs/CTR10TeamSocial.cfm).

The team social will run:
5:30p-6:30p Dinner
6:30p-8:30p Connecticut Science Center private access

We will update the site this evening…
Sorry for any confusion.


Thanks for the thanks… But it was a much larger team that myself and Kathie for making this happen (including great support from our friends at the Connecticut Science Center and the Downtown Hartford Marriott). You can meet the entire Regional Planning Committee next week at the Regional.

I wouldn’t count Buzz out. We performed horribly at the BAE, and using the time between regionals and the lovely witholding allowance, we completely redesigned our arm and hung in 8 of 12 seeding matches in St Louis and made it to the Semifinals. Buzz is also a veteran team with excellent leadership and drive. To think they’ve sat on their duffs for 3 weeks is … insane :slight_smile:

The Enforcers (Team 178) will be there yet again. Let’s hope we do as well in Hartford as we did at the Suffield Shakedown Scrimmage!

What is everyone else doing with their jackets/bags? We usually have anywhere between 40 and 50 people associated with our team at the competition, including students, teachers, parents, and mentors. We’re worried about having to keep everything in the pit area as suggested by a previous email. It would be a major safety hazard for us! Just wondering how other teams are going to be dealing with this.

We do not have room in our pits for jackets either

I’m not the team’s contact, so I’m not familiar with the email, but we can’t keep bags and jackets and stuff in the stands?