2010 Northstar Regional

Pretty great list of teams so far. Lots of familiar faces and a lot of new ones. 48 teams registered right now. Beatty could be this year’s Krunch.

I’m definitely psyched about the list of teams signed up for North Star.

In addition to the MN and ND teams, having 171, 525, and 1986 come back is awesome.

Hopefully we can show all those visiting MN for the first time, 71, 537, 967, 1675, 1764, 2041, 2219, and 3135 what a great event the Northstar Regional is!

1986 isn’t returning to 10,000 lakes? Aww. Good luck for you guys dealing with that force on the field :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m sorry we aren’t going back for a second year. I hope 2549 can defend their title.

This does look like a great event! Our whole alliance from elims last year are coming back (us, 2418, and 2472) and tons of other great teams as well as many new faces.

Quite interesting that there are 12 teams with numbers under 2000 at Northstar and only 1 at 10K lakes.

There’s one team under 72 there and one team above 70… :slight_smile: For some reason, North Star seems to attract more out of state teams than 10,000 Lakes. I don’t know why. My team’s happy to return to 10,000 Lakes even if the numbers say it’s full of younger teams. After all, at least we don’t have to compete with Beatty :rolleyes: (/sarcasm)

Hehe, I think both events will be exciting regardless of the distribution of teams’ experiences… :slight_smile: But yeah, it is sure interesting how the small numbers tend to choose Northstar… though it all evens out with 1714 and 94 in 10,000 lakes! :slight_smile:

93’s going to Buckeye this year. It’s just 1714, 2062, and 2826 from Wisconsin.

I think 72 already knows! They had several volunteers there last year.

These two are both great events - well run, well organized, and really cool that you can just walk across the street and be at another regional.

Already 57 teams signed up for this thing. and 52 next door at 10000 lakes.

It’s already up to 63, and 62 for 10,000 lakes. That’s 125 teams! :eek:

There were 51 teams for each last year.

93’s not coming to town this year? :open_mouth: