2010: Post a Link to Your Animation

OK, so now that they are done and (hopefully) submitted, post a link to your animations so we can all take a look.

The Team 116 animation is here. I claim absolutely no responsibility for the animation title (or the rest of it for that matter - the students did it all and I just get to post it :slight_smile: )



Very nice. As for ours, those two extra days were a huge help in improving the overall quality.
Here’s 303’s entry:

I wonder how many of us had the Earth in the animation?

Here’s the 2010 animation from Team 1671: Buchanan Robotics, hope you like it! :slight_smile:

Our animation.

Wow! Some great animations!
Here’s ours:

our animation can be found here

gez, team 1671, yours is awesome :eek: . I would not be surprised if you won. Good luck.

Lots of great animations this year !

This is the DiscoBots first foray into Animation this year

this is ours


nothing too special, but hey. we got it done in time.

Team 3357 - The COMETS - is a rookie team this year. However, we had two determined students who took on the challenge of 3D animation! View their work below:


A lot of great work! Nasa’s texture map website must have been busy these past 5 weeks.

This is from Team 847 Phred.

That was a gorgeous animation. Clever and engaging.
Very well done!

The MOE 365 Animation sub-team has submitted their work to Autodesk. We
congratulate everyone on this team for all their hard work!

Created using Autodesk 3dS Max, we tell the story of a little girl with an innovative solution to clean up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, which might even clean up outer space trash. But will her innovation be able to clean up the greatest challenge of all - her little brother’s bedroom?

Click here to go to Team 1912’s Animation!

Here is Team 399’s Animation. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0JNRWdizd4I
Good Job to all the other teams!! The animations all look AMAZING!


Heres ours. We had fun with this one!

Was that a jaguar as one piece of your space debris? Haha! Good use of mutiple things. Less modeling.

Here is team 675’s animation


“Trains of tomorrow”

Here’s 2108’s animation:


1726’s animation is up: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7-vF5q3ICqo