2010 Regional Website Feedback Question

For teams who have already participated in 2010 regionals, did you guys get some kind of critique from the judges about your websites? I remember last year they dropped off a sheet with feedback from several different judges to the pit, but we did not get anything of the kind at NJ this year. Just checking to see if I missed something.

As a web evaluator (not for NJ), we all had to fill out a comments form, before we could even submit or save our evaluation.
I know that they should be there, just who to get them i am not aware of. You might get it emailed along with your award image at the end of the season

Last year, when we got our Website Excellence badge, we asked for the comments from the judges via e-mail and they were e-mailed to us in about a day.

Same here.

The evaluation portal is set up this year to capture comments. I believe you will get them e-mailed from FIRST.

Okay, thanks guys!! :slight_smile: I was worried that somehow I’d missed out, because last year I got a print-out while in Trenton.