2010 SCRRF Fall Classic

The 2010 Southern California Regional Robotics Forum (SCRRF) Fall Classic event will feature the exciting FRC “Breakaway” game in a very modern, air-conditioned venue located in the San Fernando Valley (see attachment). Please visit the event website below for registration via PayPal and further information. Some essential information:
Saturday, September 25, 2010
9 am to 5 pm

John Burroughs High School
1920 Clark Avenue
Burbank, CA 91506

Team Entry Fee: $150 (until 9/17), $200 (9/18 - 9/24), $250 at the door
Capacity: 30 teams
Event Website: http://larobotics.org/FallClassic2010.html

The first 16 teams to register will be provided pits in the JBHS Main Gymnasium adjacent to the playing field. Pits for remaining teams will be in the Multi-Purpose Room located next to the Main Gymnasium.

The only Breakaway rule change is a modification of the “DOGMA” penalty in <G17>. Balls are scored when placed on the ball return (subject to 10-sec end-of-game period). The head referee will assess yellow or red cards for egregious ball-hoarding infractions.

The Fall Classic event is hosted by FRC Team 980 ThunderBots. Teams providing key volunteers and assistance in field set-up and tear-down will be given a discount on entry fees.

If you have questions, please send me a PM.

FallClassic_2010_Venue_JBHS.pdf (618 KB)

FallClassic_2010_Venue_JBHS.pdf (618 KB)

Will there be a webcast?

What will be the cost be for running two robots?

If your second robot is made available for pre-rookie teams to use, no additional cost.

The benefit to pre-rookie teams experiencing the thrill of competition before their first build season is priceless.

Certainly, we’d like to see this happen.

We’ll need to talk with school and district administrators about “technology use” policies as well as their network capabilities.

We just got final approval for use of the facility, so a webcast has not been high-priority…it’s about #11 on the top ten list.

What teams have registered so far?

Among the teams registered are Beach City Robotics (Team 294, 2010 World Champions) and 2010 IRI Champions Beach Bots (Team 330) and Eagle Robotics (Team 399).

The Senior Mentor announcement was sent to teams last Tuesday, still many schools aren’t in session until tomorrow. We’re expecting a flood of registrations this week to take advantage of the early sign-up fee ($150, ends Fri. Sept. 17).

The Fall Classic flyer for public distribution is attached.

FallClassic_2010_PublicFlyer.pdf (350 KB)

FallClassic_2010_PublicFlyer.pdf (350 KB)

Reminder: today (Fri. Sept. 17) is the last day for discounted registration ($150). Starting tomorrow, registration is $200.

As of 2 pm (PDT), there are only a four pit spaces remaining in the gym (the first 16 teams to register will have their pit on the gym floor).

Just thought I’d mention that it looks like a great field with some of the better teams on the West Coast. Teams registered so far:

294 Beach Cities RObotics
330 BeachBot
399 Eagle Robotics
702 Bagel Bytes
968 RAWC
980 ThunderBots
981 Snowbotics
1323 Madtown Robotics
1622 Team Spyder
2637 Peninsula Panthers
3296 Screaming Eagles

Plenty more room and, as always, do not let a lack of money or transport be the only reason your team stays home. Contact us and we will work something out.


Fantastic news. The A/C is easily worth $100 more on the registration fee. I’ve been to far too many events that were far too warm or humid inside. (Wednesday evening in the Atlanta pits this past year comes to mind).

What is the current team list?

This is the last list I saw. Some pretty good teams including world champs and IRI champs are going to be there!

1323 Madtown Robotics
294 Beach Cities Robotics
339 Eagle Robotics
330 Beach Bots
980 ThunderBots
981 Snowobtics
968 RAWC
702 Bagel Bytes
1622 Team Spyder
2637 Peninsula Panthers
973 Greyhound Revolutionary Robotics -Greybots
3296 Screaming Eagles
2584 Reseda Regents Robotics
597 Foshay Robotics
1197 TorBots Robotics
3271 DragonBots

A few more teams will likely join in by Saturday morning.

BTW, the JBHS Vocal Music Association is having a pancake breakfast on campus Saturday, starting at 8 am.

Concessions will be offered in the main gym lobby during the competition.

Anyone over there care to report how it’s going? What time is the lunch break?

I’d like to thank teams 968, RAWC and 4973, Greybots(2) for being great alliance partners.

Great matches and good times were had by all members of 399.

Thanks to Dave and all volunteers involved!

Champions: 968, 4973, 399
Finalists: 980, 330, 973

2010 SCRRF Fall Classic: Official Final Results

Sixteen teams (eighteen robots) competed in the event, playing seven qualification matches, followed by an elimination round.


Judged Awards were also presented at the conclusion of the event:

Team Spirit: Team 1197 (TorBots)
Most Creative Robot: Team 980 (RAWC)
Highest Quality Robot: Team 3271 (DragonBots)
Most Effective Design: Team 294 (Beach City Robotics)
Judges’ Award: Team 597 (Foshay Robotics)

“Peer Favorite Robot” Award (voted by the teams): Team 968 (RAWC)

The 2010 SCRRF Fall Classic was a successful and exciting event made possible by the following volunteers:

Ryan, Mark, and Deborah Epperson (San Jose) delivered the Breakaway field elements from NASA Ames Research Center and helped with field set-up.
Chris Husmann, LeRoy Nelson (LA Robotics) provided field perimeter, team registration support, and power connections for the pits.
AJ Yeckel and LeRoy Nelson were referee)s.
Terry Wells provided the FMS and served as field supervisor.
Marie Bernardini (parent of a Team 980 graduate) coordinated the facility with the school district and provided concessions at the event.
Judges: Mike Henry (JPL), Erik Dreyer (Pasadena Education Foundation) and Diana.
John Burroughs HS “Tech Team” provided audio-visual services.
Team 980 coordinated and managed the event, with students and mentors supporting field set-up/tear down.
Taylor Smith (Team 980 graduate) was our DJ.

Finally, thanks to all the teams who participated in the 2010 Fall Classic and assisted in field tear-down.

Have a great 2011 season!

It was the best fall classic in quite a few years, the new venue was certainly nice, with the pits being only 20’ from the field.

After two consecutive finalists, it was nice to win it, of course also nice to add a 3rd consecutive finalists while winning it.

It was great playing with 968, 330, 399, and 2404/980 (you guys were confusing me) in the finals, hope to see as many of you as possible in november at the madtown event.