2010 Tempest N' Tampa at USF

I would like to know if 79 is planning on continueing for a fourth year. I think it would be an awesome idea, and I cant wait to see how they plan on doing the human game. It should be intersting.

Cant wait to see all you teams there. Hopefully we can get our robot working!


1902 already has done the human game :stuck_out_tongue: we know exactly what to do!

Yes, TNT will be back. More information to come.

Flyers were handed out at the Florida Regional.

I want to see a human from Team 86 imitate their rolly-polly robot. :stuck_out_tongue:

Preferably a mentor.

Are you saying that there are some rolly-polly mentors on team 86?:smiley:

Do you have dates yet? I need to plan a trip to Tampa with my wife (who is from Tampa). “Oh look honey, there’s a robotics competition in Tampa the same weekend we’re there. What a coincidence.” It worked before with “Oh look honey, there’s a robotics competition in Indiana the same weekend I’m taking April to visit Purdue. What a coincidence.”

I think she may be catching on.

It is October 22 and 23. Hope to see you there :slight_smile:

I put it on my calendar; we’ll see what happens

sweeet. I can not wait. Im interested to see ho 86 imitates their robot as well.

Putting the dates in my phone. TNT is probably my favorite competition. :slight_smile:

Awesome! I would have to agree with you :slight_smile:

1557 will be there! +/- me,

We will be working hard for a win :wink:

Wooooooo! Can’t wait for TNT. It’s the thing that saves me from boring off-season robotics meetings when we don’t have the robot.

I’ll be there, of course! Year 4 ftw! When can we start bugging Brian with what we want to volunteer as? lol

Has the website been updated?

The website is http://www.roboticsboosters.com/tnt/ . It does not contain much information, but you can contact Brian.

I heard a rumor that it was canceled because USF raised the rental price? Can anyone confirm or deny this?

TNT has been canceled for this year. We are planning to return next year. We hope to have more information for you before kick-off.

:ahh: That is really bad news. To me TNT is the best event all year.

Hopefully it wont go by the way side like Mission Mayhem did… im sure everyone would be willing to pay more if that is the only problem.

best of luck.

That is terribly saddening. :frowning:
I love TNT! But I guess that means we have extra time to plan for next year?