2010 Where is Wolcott Invitational

The 2010 Where is Wolcott Invitational will be held on June 5th. It will be at Wolcott High School. The web site is not yet set up for signing up teams (but very soon) still we are sure to include

Food from team GUS!!!

A mentor only robot. Different mentors can sign up to drive this robot during different matches. Mentors sign up to go against your team’s robot.

A lunch time human player event. We have no idea what it will be yet any suggestions are welcome.

and much much more!!

Wolcott High School
Wolcott Connecticut
457 Boundline Rd

Team Paragon is in!!!

Signing up even before we posted on our web site.

We will soon have information on our web site

Also you can email me at

[email protected] to register

We are working on our human player competition ut this year is a little different if anyone has ideas for a good human player competition let us know.

I’m willing to hold a NEMO (Non-Engineering Mentor Organization) meeting or workshop on a particular topic, if there is enough interest. Please let your mentors know and post here what non-technical topics would be of interest to your team.

Popular subjects we’ve covered in the past include:
Team Organization
Team Communications

I think some variation on the egg-in-spoon relay carry could work for human players and their tridents. Maybe not rolling down the ramp, but some other precarious positioning is possible.

This is defintely a workable idea. I am going to present this to the team tongiht and see who can work out the details. Thanks Bill this is much better than anything I have come up with yet.

We have to update our web site but, we are half full atm and filling up.

I think our lunch time competition will be less of a human player event and more of a human player/robot shooting event. I will put the details down when we formalize them.

Maybe you can do what WPI did in 2008 with alliance human player competition. I don’t know how many teams you have, but if you have 24 wait until after teams pick alliances to do the competition. Have all 12 balls either in the goal or behind the driver’s wall and time each alliance of 3 teams in who can get all the balls on the field the quickest.

We have to update our web site but, we are half full atm and filling up.

I think our lunch time competition will be less of a human player event and more of a human player/robot shooting event. I will put the details down when we formalize them.

The Gaelhawks can’t wait to try for a 3-peat at WIWI!!! :smiley:

This has been a really fun event for our team both of the last 2 years… and it is a great opportunity to get some of your newer members out there on the field for a little hands on training.

Hope to see you there!

That is probably the competition that is closest to what the actual human players have to do.

We have found that we can only run one ‘mini competition’ during the lunch hour. After disucssions, we really do not need to have a ‘human player’ competition. So we are working out the details of a robot shoot off. The human player will set up the balls on the field and the robot with have to score with them. Those balls will have to be re-feed onto the field so they can be scored again.

So I wanted to share with everyone how the Mentor Team works. It was a great success last season.

One robot will be in the competition (this year I believe this will be the back up robot from the Gaelhawks!! WPI regional champ and CT regional finalist!) This robot will be mantained by a pit crew and it will have the same number of matches as every team. Mentors will be able to sign up to be on the drive team for that robot when it goes on the field. The sign ups are match by match so that mentors can go against their teams robot or work alongside there team if they want.

Last year we had a lot of fun with this. Sadly :rolleyes: the mentor robot did not make it into the elimination rounds.

Thanks! having great teams there has made this very fun for us. Last year the Gaelhawks were instrumental in getting our mentor robot schedule filled. It is nice to run an event in a community where everyone wants to pitch in and help

Maybe the human player competition doesn’t necessarily have to do with the game. Humans as robots? Normal soccer on a breakaway field (so long as people don’t kill themselves on the bump)? Most pull ups on the bar? There’s some good possibilities for fun games here.

Jump on the platform with someone piggybacking you for SUSPENSION points? :slight_smile:

Better yet, do a pullup on the tower, and have another person grab your legs as you hang there :stuck_out_tongue:

The team list is growing. I am excited because we have some very solid veteran teams along with rookies and Pre Rookies. It looks like the makings of a really fun event:

  1. Paragon Team 571
  2. Elm City Robo Squad 558
  3. Gaelhawks 230
  4. WhoCTEKs 716
  5. Team Beta 2836
  6. 2nd Law Enforcers 178
  7. Aces High 176
  8. Pirates of the Pythagorian 3125
  9. Panther Project 2064
  10. Team MAX 1071
  11. Team GUS 228
  12. Mentor Robot 666! (230 back up robot)
  13. Goodwin Tech Pre (228 back up robot)
  14. DiscoTechs 1099
  15. Granby Grunts 3146
  16. Kennedy High Pre (TBD)

As you can see still room for your team. We have others that have expressed interest but have not officially signed up

It looks like it will be fun this year! I’ve enjoyed the past two years, and I’d love to come back for this year, but I’ll be out of the country this summer and will have left by that point. Enjoy!

Well enjoy your time abroad!! We have not heard from the Uberbots yet I do hope they plan on coming again this year.

Almost Full!!!

  1. RAGE 173
  2. Cyber Colonels 1740
  3. CRASH 999
  4. Mechatronic Maniacs 1027
  5. StuyPulse 694