2010kop in SolidWorks on 3DContentCentral

As requested by many teams, we are recreating the 2010kop as quickly as possible thanks to a group of very talented university engineering students. The first 20+models are now in www.3DContentCentral.com, key words 2010kop or search by the part number (am-0204). These models are in native SolidWorks format so they can be modified if you want to cut or drill frame members. They will also behave with Smart Mates and will be quicker to use SolidWorks tools in the assembly such as Smart Mates and Smart Fasteners. When mass was given by the supplier, then the mass was entered on the part or assembly. Be certain to select the right year - 2009, 2008.

These models can also be downloaded in 30 other 2D and 3D CAD file formats for previous versions of software.

You can customize 3DContentCentral to only display FIRST. By setting “My 3DContentCentral” to have FIRST as a favorite.



Thank you so much Marie!

if you can’t find what you need try team 1323’s CAD library…http://team1323.com/cad/index.html

Thanks to everyone who created the 2010kop for Solidworks. You rock!