2011-2012 NASA INSPIRE Internships

I am part of this program this year and I really love it. Being part of the Online Learning Community is great and the INSPIRE internships seem like a great opportunity!

I highly recommend this program to any high school students (though only Juniors and Seniors may intern). I participated and won an internship at Johnson Space Center two summers ago and will never forget the experience. The INSPIRE administration absolutely love FIRST participants.

Good luck to all involved.

I would love to do this, but I’m not an American citizen :frowning: oh well I don’t think NASA does much in Michigan anyways…

Oh, too bad they don’t accept permanent residents. I already applied for the SpaceSHIP program at JPL; it would be redundant to apply for this too.

I would also wholeheartedly recommend this program. After my sophomore year I participated in the collegiate experience at Virginia Tech and last summer I interned at the Dryden Flight Research Center. Both summers were an absolute blast. If anyone wants more info or tips, feel free to send me a PM.

This almost makes me feel bad about being a senior. Oh well, college is just as good, I suppose. :frowning:

NASA internships for college students: http://intern.nasa.gov/

Came here to post this, glad to see it’s covered. Thumbs up.

The NASA INSPIRE Program is absolutely amazing! During the summer of 2009, I completed a summer internship at Glenn Research Center (summer between my junior and senior year), it was the best summer of my life! I learned so much there and it was an amazing experience! I also interned through INSPIRE during the summer of 2010 (between senior year and freshman year of college), and am interning at NASA Glenn through a different program (that I learned about through INSPIRE) this summer! I have made so many connections at NASA Glenn and there is a really, really good shot at me being able to work there for co-ops through college and possibly full time after graduation! I highly recommend applying for the program! FIRST looks great on your application because they know you already know how to do a lot of things that your internship requires! If anyone has any questions about the application process or if you find out you received an internship and have any questions, PM me! I’d love to help answer questions :slight_smile:

Forgive me for reviving this topic, but does anyone know when applications will be finished in review, so that applicants can find out whether or not they are accepted? I cannot find a date for this. Thanks!

Im confused… I signed up but it only let me fill out the contact info not the rest like elgibility… ?

It might help to check the signup deadline: June 30, 2011.

Guess you’ll have to try again next year.

lol wow… okayy thanks. :slight_smile:

Does anyone know when they will start accepting applications for next year? This looks like such a great oppurtunity for the students on my team I was going to notify them all. Then I saw the date. I am afraid I will forget all about it when next year comes.

The last two years, application for the Fall/Spring Online Learning Community OLC opens in May with a June Deadline. Once accepted into the OLC, they open summer internship applications in January to OLC members in good standing.



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