2011 All Rookie Meet and Greet at Championships!

Rolling Thunder, FIRST Team 1511
Announces the 2011 Rookie Meet and Greet!!

Who’s Invited: **All 2011 Rookie Teams!! **(and any veterans that want to meet this year’s great rookie teams!)

When: Friday, April 29, from 5:30 to 6:00 pm (Right at the end of matches on Friday!)

Where: Adjacent to the Hall of Fame

What’s Happening:

****You’ve Earned it! You’ve got your ticket to the Main Event! ****
Now join us for a reception that’s just for the 2011 Rookies in St. Louis!

Games to break the ice!
Meet & Greet other Rookie Teams! Find out what it took for them to get to St. Louis! Share the best of the best!
All Rookie Photo Opportunity!
And best of all - a chance to win a **GIANT FIRST Logo signed by FIRST Teams from all over the country and some FIRST Celebrities!
Come and join us! This is the 7th annual All Rookie Meet and Greet! Come and make it the best ever!

About the sponsors: Rolling Thunder, Team 1511 started the All Rookie Meet and Greet in Atlanta in 2005, our rookie year. We were honored to be named the Championship Rookie All Stars that year and have gone on to have 6 more great years! We love to celebrate the newest class of awesome Rookie teams in St. Louis each year! Look for the 2011 “Meet the Rookies” Booklet which will give you fun facts on this year’s Rookie All Star teams!