2011 Animation Contest

I’m a little concerned that there is no award listed for 2011 animation. We have already put in a ton of time getting ready for this. Does anyone know if this has been dropped from the 2011 season? and if there is, has the judging beed upgraded? TIA

The answer to this and many other questions is in the manual here

Look in section 6.5

This is the latest I could find.

They are usually behind on the animation topic. We might see it today or even tomorrow.

They say it will be posted tomorrow…
Complete information about the Award, including submittal format, deadlines, criteria, and judging process will be posted by January 10, 2011 on the FIRST website and on the FIRST section of the Autodesk Education Community at: www.autodesk.com/first.

We would be interested in online FRC team mentor assistance for Maya. Is there anyone here who would be willing to answer questions that we can’t figure out on our own this season?

Confusion every year, and this is no different. Autodesk.com/first seems to be busy and sporatic, but no mention of the animation topic. If anyone finds the topic, please paste it to a thread here!

The press release here says

The animation must fit the “Change Their World” theme, while demonstrating understanding of the design process, storytelling, technical execution, creativity and aesthetics, as well as clear, concise, and compelling communication.

Sounds a bit familiar… and perhaps incorrect?

I think you’ll find this is a great place to post questions about 3ds Max & Maya. You’ll probably get answers within an hour or two. Just try to be as specific as possible in your thread title.

hmm… the site (http://students.autodesk.com) has been down for a couple hours. I suppose that’s a good sign. Maybe it means Autodesk is in the process of updating the site with the 2011 rules.

That would seem to be what is mentioned in this thread.

Greetings from Australia!
I would love to help your team. You may post your questions on CD and I’ll try to check often. Also you can email me at [email protected]

The great thing about posting questions here is everybody can see the answers.

Now I’m incredibly worried. It’s been all day and not a word from Autodesk on the award.

Hi everyone. Just came out of my animation cave to say hi, I’m here to help with the new year.

Unfortunately Autodesk is always late posting the contest info. :frowning: I know it’s frustrating but we just have to be patient.

Is there no animation prompt this year :confused: My animation team and I have been looking for hours and there’s been no indication of any prompt being released.

The prompt was supposed to be unveiled on sunday but then it was supposedly postoned to today and yet still no prompt

I have had the same feeling from time to time but Autodesk normally takes their time in posting the animation prompt.

If you look in section 6.5 of the manual there is an award listed for the animation. Hopefully we get the prompt on tuesday(today).

Chomping at the bit…

Thats exactly what I thought! Maybe they dont remember…

Does anyone else have a terrible time trying to navigate te educational community? Just logging on always seems to be a problem. Then they told me they changed me username?!?! Just always seems too complicated.