2011 animation submission for 2062

here is the 2011 animation submission for team 2062.

We hope you like it.

Nice job! I really like the Iiko skins and the lighting (plus the egg frying on the rock :smiley: ). Good luck!


Great job with the animation, I love the concept of using FIRST to teach the iikos! We didn’t think of that… we used a similar concept, though, with iiko scientists saving the day. Our animation will be on YouTube tomorrow, we got it thorugh the Autodesk upload gauntlet successfully tonight. Let your team know that it is a great animation!

By the way, you can watch our team’s video by clicking on the little picture in the signature line of my posts. Our animation, like our team, is full of coconuts!:stuck_out_tongue:


Never did I think I would see iikos in coconut bikinis… Gotta love the ingenuity of high school kids! Great job, very well done! So, what do you think of this whole animation thing after year 1? As of tomorrow, you are no longer a rookie!

I was about to slam the brakes on the girl who first said she wanted to do something with iikos shooting coconut shells into space with a catapult but I bit my tongue. We’ve only had an animation team since the fall safety video but I have learned to let them work things out in brainstorming. Fourteen meeting hours later, they had sorted through about ten other ideas and then came back to the coconut catapult idea but now it was blended with recycling – by then, we could all see it would work.

In terms of the coconut bra, I had trouble distinguishing between the fat male iikos and females until one of the girls explained to me that the fat male iikos have “moobs” (male boobs). Sorry, if I offend anyone on the forum :yikes: .

Oh boy… Trial by fire, yet you got out unscathed! That says something. Outstanding job, especially since it was your team’s first animation submission. We almost did a nuclear accident which created hamsters to grow to the size of buffalo and ransack the planet - the end would have been the iikos taming the hamsters and riding them. That storyboard ended up in the circular file, though I think it would have been funny if they could have pulled it off. Never ceases to amaze me both the ideas and talents of these kids.

I would have loved to have seen the hamsters:D ! Post a link when your animation is up tomorrow.

To answer your question about being a newbie, I love it and plan to continue. I used to coach my daughter’s basketball team in elementary school and middle school. It just so happens that we ended up with an all-girl animation crew this year. 3Ds Max was brand new to me and I had to do a lot of training to get ready but I did know quite a bit about filmmaking and I knew what I was in for in terms of leading a group of young ladies through a tough project.

I started a thread for animations, our hamsterless version is at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2jgLQSCPHlg

Cool! Well done. I particularly like the effect of the foam sliding over and encircling the planet! And there were zombie-like iikos – almost as good as giant hamsters! :wink:

The best part of the zombie scene is not even in the animation, one of the animators, Anthony, created an entire TRON style subdivision with neon effects, only about 25% of it made it to the zombie scene. It was a very cool model… For training next year, maybe I can have the kids make giant hamsters which have to ransack the scene!

Ha! I was thinking that looked like TRON. Great job! Now, if he could just get the zombie iikos to ride on light cycles… :o

Hahaha, That’s very different than any other animations I’ve seen.:stuck_out_tongue: