2011 Archived Webcast/Video

Has anyone posted stored web-cast/video of any of week one 2011 regionals? I see all of Kerttering on YouTube. Any other regional?

I am pretty sure that Blue Alliance will archive them later, they have done that a lot in the past.

I have traverse city recorded/recording. I will post them asap. I hope to split up the video tonight and tomorrow.

Where will you post them?

Will they be at:


Thank you

I will post on both firstvideoarchive.com and thebluealliance.com

Once I get home on my desktop I will have more power for editing and converting.

how soon does thebluealliance have most of the vids up after a regional?

To behonest this depends on the persons who recorded the video and how fast they can parse the video.

Team 1676 webcasted and archived the NJ Regional. We uploaded it to TBA. They will be parsing it and it should be ready soon.

I have all the raw video if anyone would like it they can contact me via EMAIL at [email protected]

Anyone get FLR?

I am sending Traverse City to firstvideoarchive.com right now, finals first then the qualifying.

do you have to actually download the videos or can you just instantly stream them from the site?

The files I am saving are 27-30 meg. They are not setup to stream currently. I will try to get them on thebluealliance.com asap to get streaming running. As soon as Greg gets back to me.

EDIT: The files will play streaming quicktime or another player from the site but will need to download much of the file to play.

Anyone have a couple of matches with a full field in view? We want to do some scout training this week.

There is video that has actually been recorded and sent to TBA but needs to be parsed, about 4GB from New jersey. Please contact myself or Greg Marra about getting access to the files, both for downloading the raw files and putting the parsed video online. Lets try to make 2011 the most recorded available to watch year.

Also don’t forget to use this as a template for naming the files: http://www.firstwiki.net/index.php/2011_Archiving

The kettering district youtube page has alot of the matches posted with the full field view. http://www.youtube.com/user/ketteringfirst

How is everyone recording this year? Last year at waterloo I was not able to use my pinnacle video recorder because the production company did not have a video amplifier or something along those lines. So i’m just wondering if people are using cameras or what?


I am using my PVT plus a DVD recorder as backup. I went out and acquired an A/V amp/splitter last year to ease the production crew’s tension. If you DO get someone that says they don’t want to split the video/audio (with a 1 to 2 cable) tell them we’re not producing in HD so minor signal degradation WILL NOT HURT ANYTHING! Also getting in contact with the regional.district people and letting them know you want to hook up helps. :smiley: