2011 Chief Delphi Web Hug

Sorry for the late details … but we do have t-shirts, giveaways, etc., and want to get everybody together to meet face to face.

What: 2011 Chief Delphi Web Hug
When: Thursday, April 28, 2011 Noon
Where: Outside the Hall of Fame area.
Who: You have a forum account? You’re invited.

Mike Martus (from Chief Delphi) will give a quick hello, let people meet & greet, share some quick statistics and hand out some raffle prizes. It shouldn’t take too long.

Just like the past few years, we will be having a raffle this year. It will work the same way as previous years. Starting now, we will be giving away 35 raffle tickets each hour. I lost track of time this year (again), so the time to get raffle tickets is being compressed into 1 week instead of 2. You’ll see the link show up top above the spotlight – it will show for 1 minute (the 47th minute of each hour). We’ll be picking the winners before the webhug, to save some time, but you must be present to win and pick up your prize.

If you don’t know what the Web Hug is, and want to learn about previous years, see these links:

photos: webhug photos
info: 2010
info: 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 2001

Time to set my alarm for xx:45 again!

I’m super excited to be attending the Web Hug again this year. Meeting some members of the Chief Delphi community is really cool.

Hoorah, I’ll be there!

Whoo Hooo!

Got my ticket.

See everybody in a few days!

“Tickets are given out FIRST come, FIRST served.
You can get one between 4/20 and 4/25.”

Super excited, got my ticket! Does this mean that we can only get one ticket? Or can I apply for multiple tickets?

Is ther any limit on tickets or advantage to having multiple tickets?

Just 1 ticket this time, since I was late to get this going.

No problem, this was just my first time so I wasn’t sure. I’m pretty stoked, thanks for organizing it!

I can’t wait to finally go!

I might even be able to make this one!

(famous last words…)

I can’t wait to go either! and now the rest of the week is going to be spent stalking that link…

Will there be text reminders set up this year? Or do I have to set my own alarm reminder?

Can’t wait for my first web hug! I received my ticket last night (11:47) after reading this thread. It was worth the wait. :smiley:

Got my ticket then realized that I don’t have a printer at college so I have to wait to get home before printing out this the ticket.

edit: dang it, lost the ticket…

Awwww I wish I could go but it’s during the Chairman’s Chat. I’m sure everyone will have a blast! :slight_smile:


Finally found it…

If you go to


It will show any tickets you have already won. The tickets are not lost forever if you can’t print it immediately. :slight_smile:

thank you so much!!!

Has anyone ever been 36th or higher to click on the link?

I’ve got a golden ticket :rolleyes:

Did you drop into your Dew?