2011 Cowtown Throwdown

Well, I found the Rule Change thread (Viewed here )

Anyhow, I wanted to start a thread to discuss Cowtown Throwdown in general and see who is pumped for CTTD! I know Team 2410 is ready to show what we have against the rest of the teams. We wish everyone luck!

Also, I myself was wondering if anyone is up for some t-shirt trading. I have some left over shirts since I wasn’t able to go to St. Louis this year. In particular, I’d like a Bomb Squad t-shirt or a Team Titanium t-shirt.


There is already a thread talking about the cowtown throwdown. Use the search tool or scroll down a little and you’ll see the thread.


I saw there was a thread for the Rule Changes, but I wasn’t aware there was one already discussing the general Cowtown. The search tool also yields nothing for 2011 Cowtown, only the Rule Changes and 2010 Cowtown.

fair enough. There are other topics being discussed in the rule changes thread. Figured its cleaner to keep it to one thread.