2011 DC Regional...

Topic Started… Was wondering why this never went up.

Anyways anyone have links for a webcast of this and is anyone planning on archiving this regional.

We are currently looking at archiving it possibly but just want to see if anyone else is doing it also.

we’re just one week away! 1089 is super excited for DC, and the chance to play with 2016 and 2590 again, as well as make some new relationships with some other teams! i personally want to meet the pink team lol. cant wait to see y’all there!

I think we all want to meet pink… heh, they definitely have a presence.

DC is definitely going to be fun, a lot of NJ area teams will be there so should be exciting.

Team 190 is looking forward to attending!

612 is attending. We also have arranged to archive the regional.

The **PINK **team is excited about coming to D.C. almost every trip we take (north of the mason dixon line) has snowed while we’re there… any chance

Blue Cheese will be attending this year! We can’t wait and hope to see everyone there!

It is in the 70’s in DC today so snow isn’t likely.

Team 1511, Rolling Thunder is looking forward to our trip to D.C. to get some warmth! Although the snow is melting rapidly up here and the crocuses are pushing through the ground, we will be happy to pack up some of the remaining snow and bring it down to the Pink Team!

bring a snowball!! - at least 1/2 of the team hasn’t seen snow!!

Team 378, the Circuit Stompers is looking forward to our first trip to DC. We hope to meet the PINK team as well as all the other teams there. 1511 is always a fun team to be around too.

1279 will be there, can’t wait. We had a great time our last trip to DC.

We will have a minibot tower set up at out pit, complete with timer, and a prize for the fastest mini-bot of DC!

Sounds great. We’ll probably want to enter the “race.” Will you have both “stock” and “modified” classes where you can use a 20 volt battery?

MINISTOCK :ahh: :cool:

I once raced a ministock on a 1/4 mile ‘D’ in high school. Best fun of my life, though I had to do it on a Saturday that my mom wasn’t there so she didn’t know.

1418 shall be returning, can’t wait to see all the amazing designs, should be fun!

The snow is melting away down here too, but I’ll see if I can grab some!
(Cynette told me that most of hers is gone by now :frowning: )

Does any one have details about the team social? I can’t find anything on the DC FIRST website about it…

On a related note, does anyone know why the NASA robotics site is dead? I’ve been trying to check webcasts, but the whole nasa.robotics.gov site is inoperative.

Mrs. P. I think you are jinxing us! It is now snowing up here like crazy and we get to drive through it to get to D.C.! I’ll pack some up and throw it in the cooler, but it will probably be water by the time we get there! :stuck_out_tongue:

Safe travels to everyone!

P. S. Regarding the Social: Sara, did you find out what you needed to know?

Does anyone know of any laser tag/bowling type places around DC that are close to the convention center and to expensive? My team is desperately in need of some entertainment for Wednesday night. We plan on doing museums in the afternoon.

Well after waiting for what seems to be an eternity…ROBBE XTREME team 56 is finally gets to play!

We look forward to seeing some old friends and meeting some new ones. So come on by our pit and say HI!

Good luck to all.

By the way…anyone making any predictions?