2011 Decyption Test (no new hint...)

I was navigating FRC’s website and I found this:


Key is

No new hint

Is anything about this picture new? Meaning, COULD it actually be the second hint?

Looks Identical, and it’s also referred to as “The 2011 Game Hint” as in there is only one.

For those of you that like to read the Game Manual immediately after kick-off but won’t have access to a laptop but have an iPhone (or similar iOS device) I found that the decryption works if the PDF is saved to iBooks and opened from there. I’d suggest downloading the encrypted Manual prior to kickoff and entering the password once it’s made available. (If memory serves me, downloading the manual immediately after kick-off is a bit of a pain due to the Travel on FIRST’s site)

Standard operating procedure - rather than have thousands of teams crash the server at 12:01 trying to download the manual, an encrypted version is available for earlier retrieval. Nothing hidden or notable about this.

(cue Dave Lavery with some witty response)

I am also happy to report that Chrome’s now-native PDF reader can decrypt without so much as a hiccup.

I noticed that too. Worked beautifully.

WOW, this tip just helped me TREMENDOUSLY. Thanks for posting it; I was trying to figure out how to go from Kickoff to Shaker’s shop with no time to print out a manual. THANK YOU.

can a mod fix the title of this thread? thanks