2011 Duluth Regionals

^Title says all^

Agreed… I know our team is very much looking forward to it!

The title says very little. What did you intend when you started this thread? Please strive for clear communication. That often means finding a good balance between too many words and too few. It also means keeping in mind the medium here. This is not Twitter or an Instant Message system. Try to post only when you have something constructive to add to a discussion, or when you have a valuable announcement or a coherent question.

Oops sorry i mean just discussing the regionals who is attending thoughts about the level of competition there ect.

Duluth, GA, home of the Peachtree Regional?

I think this is about Duluth, Minnesota where the Lake Superior inaugural regional is being held this year. It looks like a pretty good regional despite being 12 teams under the cap. A lot of the perennial strong Minnesota representatives are attending including 1816, 2052, 2169, 2175, 2177, and 2220. Other notable FIRST teams attending include 876 and 877 from North Dakota, and 1739 from Chicago. There is a large rookie contingent attending which will make the competition for highest rookie seed and the rookie all-star award interesting. It should be a fun experience.

Team 2470 will hopefully be there (pending a team vote)! I no matter what will be there cheering on teams as a robot inspector! I am excited as it will be my first time as an inspector, and I think I am up for the challenge. I can’t wait! /excited.

Are we still able to register for that one? If so I have to talk to our mentor about going

Team 2502 would like to attend… but we didn’t allocate our budget big enough to go. We have enough money, it’s just I think we would rather go to the (inter)nationals at St. Louis instead of Duluth if we had to choose.

We’re setting our targets on Duluth next year!

Eden Prairie

Yes, the Duluth event still has quite a bit of space. If you are interested in signing up send an email to [email protected]

Info from Bill’s Blog

2175 is unfortunately very likely to pull out of this event due to funding issues. There is still a small chance that we will get funding lined up by the deadline, but the odds are not great at this point.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see some 2175 team members head up there on Saturday to scope out the competition for Northstar.

For anyone attending you can go to the event page set up by FIRST on facebook, http://www.facebook.com/?ref=logo#!/event.php?eid=180562078646139

Could anyone that was at the Superior regional identify the team number for the WFFA winner Liv Anda Asplund and confirm that there were no Dean’s List Finalists?

WFFA winner is mentor from Team 2177

Dean’s List Finalists from Lake Superior Regional (presented by Dean Kamen himself):
John Hines (Team 2169)
Emily Benson (Team 1816)

Thank you very much!

Strange that the Dean’s List Finalists aren’t listed on the FIRST awards page.

Thank you to 2512 and 3747, we made a good team and got the win. 2512 looks like a great team that will be in this position many times in the future. I think we got lucky in finding 3747 still available with that last pick of the draft. Their minibot saved our butts in at least one match and their defense made a big impact.
One of the best parts of this whole experience was seeing the reactions of 3747 as they were picked and then after we won. I almost can’t imagine having an experience like that as a rookie.
Lastly, 2169 KingTec looks like a team that will be in the championship chairmans running in the near future.

No it doesn’t. There are two regionals in cities named Duluth. Duluth, Minnesota and Duluth, Georgia.

Is it possible to change the title of the thread?

Congrats to 2512, 876, 3747. The regional was a blast and the venue couldn’t have been better.

Kevin, I think it might be because it was done on Friday rather than Saturday (because Dean was the presenter) and was forgotten about on Saturday.