2011 Encrypted manuals are out.

Get 'em while they are hot!


Now lets say some one does break the 128bit encryption before kickoff… What happens?

They read it early?

I meant more like are they disqualified or some other grave consequences.

If they read it they loose all respect that the FIRST community had for them but if they jsut do it for fun they get a nice pat on the back

There are no rules about it. I assume FIRST assumes that no one would attempt it, and that it’s not possible to crack in time.

They get to have an additional 2-3 days of build season.

Probably not really useful.

Edit: Oh, and FIRST might stop putting these out early so some of us don’t have to /. their servers.

Frankly I’m not that concerned about it. The team(s) that knew what the 2009 game object early didn’t do any better because they had an extra few weeks knowing what they needed to manipulate.

Well, just like anything in life, there will be those people that cheat the system, however unhelpful it is. The lengthened build season does not seem to be worth the loss of respect the FIRST community has for the team.

They consume 30 gigawats of power! :smiley:

I believe that is part of the reason they wait until a few days before kickoff.
Lessens the likelihood of someone gathering the computing power to brute force it.

That is if they take one year to do it. If they want to get it done before kickoff, they would need 4074 gigawats of power:ahh: (assuming they get started right away).

EDIT: In the US, that would be $24.4 Billion worth of electricity.

Psh, I give up after trying for an hour…

Let’s not.

Seriously, talk about cracking a password should not be welcome in this community.

It is not allowed. It will get you banned.

Discussing doing it for malicious uses (such as gaining access to the game manual early) is not welcome. Discussions about the mathematics behind encryption is actually quite fascinating and I think should be encouraged. I would even go so far as to say that discussion of techniques for defeating encryption and why it is often not worth trying are incredibly useful.

Of course, if the mods disagree with this view please delete this post and let me know.

The practicality of cracking the password is negligible. The passwords have historically been strong enough that unless someone uses a botnet there simply isn’t enough time to crack it successfully before Saturday. 0-day hacks into Adobe as attempts to crack encrypted files have simply resulted in 0-day exploits for internet browsers instead of actually unencrypting the files, so I also doubt there are circumvention measures available.

In short: 128-bit SSL is still going strong, so don’t get your hopes up of actually reading the contents before Saturday.

Could you explain why? (Not saying you are wrong, just because I think it would make an interesting read)

If that were the case, you’d use roughly 12x less energy* time traveling into the future to find out the new game, and time traveling back.

*Assuming 1.21 gigawatts to travel through time one way, 2.42 gigawatts round trip.

I have a flux capacitor if someone can get the 2.42 gigawatts, and a Delorian, too.