2011 FRC Game Hint #2


A low resolution picture of the FIRST logo.
There was a post on the game hint 1 thread about the dimensions of the picture (the Comic Sans post :P)

Hmmmm :confused:

  1. Either all three shapes will be used in the game OR:

  2. Something from the 1st FIRST game will be used.

Were playing Triple-Play, but hanging upside down from tracks.

20th year anniversary, right? Maybe they’re just reminding us this. Or are they telling us that we haven’t remembered this in our interpretations of the 1st clue?

Notice how the shapes are linked together? Kind of like train cars…

I suspect 3 different shaped game pieces :ahh:

IDK if it’s just me but the triangle looks more emphasized in this logo. Maybe we are going back to tetras or some form of triangles for game pieces???

This was my first thought.

That’d kind of would surprise me. I thought the GDC wanted games that were super simple to understand and decided to use a few game pieces all of which are the same.

Has anyone analyzed the image for hidden content or anything? Any significance that it appears to be a lower resolution?

Has there been any previous games with multiple game pieces of different shapes?

Lower resolution may mean faster camera throughput to the driver’s station by lowering the resolution of the camera.

If you’re talking about different shaped game pieces, none come to mind. However, there have been game pieces worth different values - like in Lunacy.

Game pieces are my vote. Even though that does seem a bit too straight forward…

My guess is recycled game!

Sometimes the best hiding places are in plain sight.

EDIT: I like the three game pieces. It covers all the games throughout the year with first.

Hmm. Very interesting. Has anybody found the size out yet? 336x237 I think. 336-237=99. 99 game pieces maybe? Many possibilities.

Outstanding. I’ve been looking forward to a game that uses multi-shape game objects. They finally took my advice. Good on ya, mates!
Edit: There have been multiple-sized elements - FIRST Frenzy: Raising The Bar, and a couple VRC games.

I’m going to guess it’s something related to the Archimedes-inspired origins of the FIRST logo that they talked about at championships last year.

Archimedes screws?

Hm, 2 out of 3 seem to point to water game…

With what we know from the 1st hint, assuming “locomotion”, I think we can look at a couple of possibilities:

  1. Trains - we see these symbols linked together
  2. FIRST logo - definitely a game celebrating the history of FIRST.
    • question - I know there were some minor changes made to the logo that Dean’s father originally put together - if so, what year did this particular logo appear.
  3. Shapes - multiple game pieces
  4. Floor - perhaps not game pieces, but varied surface bumps and obstacles? Certainly would cause “loco” motion driving over them.

Side note- is there a way to change the thread title to say - Hint #2 - read the first 5 pages - so we don’t get 250 “beating a dead horse” posts? :slight_smile:



Yay! We have another game hint! Yay!

A tote, a trackball, and a tetra! That would be so funny.