2011 FRC Game Hint #2

Tennis balls and Water game?


That is a fantastic idea

Probably means that this year’s game will be brought to us by FIRST.

Might as well go for the obvious :yikes:

How about three surfaces on the playing field? Or maybe two surfaces and a circle in the center spinning slowly? Driving onto the circle woud definately cause ‘Loco-Motion’. Or maybe two circles in the gaps of a wall so that the bots have to enter the spinning circle to get past the wall?

Multiple game pieces = cargo.

Lets combine two thoughts here.

Game Hint #1 and Game Hint #2. Maybe its that simple. This could verify the concept of having to link to our alliance, due to the fact that the FIRST logo is linking a triangle and square.

Kind of agree with the multiple game pieces as cargo. Even the rotating center field would be awesome!

I doubt FIRST would hide data inside the image, but I’ll have a go at it anyway.

It was created in Photoshop CS3, and has a resolution of 336x237 @ 100dpi when printed. It was created on December 16th, 2010 at 11:51:07. Other than that, there is no other EXIF or IPTC or JFIF metadata. No attached keywords. Raising the contrast and brightness don’t really do anything out of the ordinary. Also, compared to other FIRST logos, none of the shapes are any larger or smaller than normal. I don’t think any of this is really important.

And somewhat off topic:

Million-dollar idea right here.

We might act as trains, having to load up our bots, then dumping them at a target. Going further with the “locomotion/train” idea, the bots may only be restricted to certain “tracks” or “lanes”, depending on criteria.

I’m going with skebhners2 here. Robots linked together. The fun question:

Are you linked to your partner, or to your opponent? :yikes:

Yeah im gonna have to say this one seems like its a linkage clue…

just going obvious here, these one seems to be the most blunt clue yet

Cones have a square base, a rounded shape, and a triangular side-profile view.

And they stack.

Lord help us all…

also, the triangle is red and the square is blue, possibly representing the red and blue alliances, so maybe the game is a huge game of chasing the opponent around and attempting to link onto them. However that doesn’t seem like the most high scoring/exciting game, so maybe that’s just the end game.

That or a cargo clue. BTW, When this thing gets to 5 pages, someone should do a summary of all the activity.

Answering my own question. This style logo appeared in 2005, with Triple Play - which was also released on January 8th.

Maybe an updated version of that game. 3D tic-tac-toe was certainly easy for audiences to comprehend!

The image on the hint page has dimensions 315x223 while the actual image that is only labeled as logo.jpg has dimension 336x237.

I don’t know if that means anything just seems odd that they would specifically change it and only make it a tad smaller on the hint page.

I do like the opponents being linked together idea. The logo has red linked with blue/a triangle linked with a square. Now “linked” could be taken a few ways: linked like 2009, linked with a long rope, maybe even a bungee cord, or the game field could be split in 3 sections and alliances are 3v3 but pitted against another team 1v1.

Red and blue next to eachother reminds me of 3D glasses. ::safety::

Or what if we have to put the cargo into certain containers (train cars) and then link them together. Points for types of cargo in the cars times how many cars are connected together.

I’m sure I speak for a majority of the teams, volunteers, and spectators, when I say: I hope not!!!