2011 FRC Game Hint #2

Also, It could represent our alliances linking together. Maybe witht he though of each team in the alliance performs a different task to let the other robot continue.

Perhaps a reference to coopertition? Your alliance cannot do something till the other alliance has done something? That way the play is linked together.

Exactly what I just stated above. It makes perfect sense.

How would scoring work?

How can we work in locomotion?

IMO cones are a great game piece, they also fit in the 20th anniversary, with the stack attack reference.

And there are two traffic cones visible in this picture of Dave’s summer vacation…

Hint #1: Locomotion
Hint #2: A Logo

#1 + #2 = Logomotion

My guess: It’s a shooting game but with moving FIRST Logo targets.

“Cargo” was a newly-defined term in FLL rules this year.

It seems to me that they have violated their own logo rules here. Maybe a game with no rules penalties? :ahh: We could only hope.

I was thinking the same thing :slight_smile: Something along those lines would be possible. It would maybe be some recreation of the 1st FIRST game since it is their anniversairy. Another thing is that it could be a linakge game because of “Little Eva” and her song “Loco - Motion”. Possibly all teams on the alliance’s robots are connected together to do some sort of race, or an obstacle course, considering Robot locomotion is the study of how to design robot appendages and control mechanisms to allow robots to move fluidly and efficiently.

Hope to give some people ideas :smiley:

Introducing the White alliance

actually I am going to go with the game piece idea

Tetras, totes and tubes-Balls

Scoring could be based on teamwork, until a divided end game begins.

In the first hint of little Eva, her face, shoulder and pole make a triangle. Her buttons are circles and the picture is itself is almost square.

And now we’re flying somewhere…

Maybe it has to do with Coopertition? Maybe you have to work with the opposite alliance?

Or maybe linking and unlinking to a rail?

Linking to another robot? Meaning some part(s) of the robot may extend outside the bumper zone?

A third alliance…? (Don’t think so)


EDIT: By the time I typed and posted this, it seems a bunch of other people also posted my ideas. Sorry if I repeated things.

Though, a 3rd Alliance-White Alliance, would be quite interesting…

Haha! The two plastic totes we get with the kit could be a game piece! :rolleyes: :stuck_out_tongue:

For example, there is a ball dispenser in the middle of the field. One set of red balls and one set of blue balls. Neither set of balls is released until a red button and a blue button is pushed unless one of them is pushed in autonomous mode, then the both drop. I am sure others will have better ideas, but this is just spur of the moment.

I doubt that they would ever actively link robots, considering how many simply end up not working, possibly crippling an alliance. Maybe the linking is metaphorical–your score is tied to that of your opponents:

An extremely coopertition heavy game.

Linking field objects is an idea.

Crap. There was a second hint after all, looks like I was wrong… :o

I really, really, really hope this means that there are going to be multiple scoring objects or objectives. That would be too cool.

Or another Alliance. That’d be cool too.